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Quality is key to company's success

Sunday, October 6, 2002

Jeff Teater, owner of JMB Spray Coatings, stands next to one of the company's recent jobs.
SIKESTON - When today's trucks can cost $20,000, $30,000 or more, owners are looking for ways to protect their investment. Jeff Teater, owner of JMB Spray Coatings, says they need look no further than his business and Ameraguard.

Ameraguard is the latest in providing truck bed protection, Teater explained. The slip-resistant, sprayed polyurethane coating provides an alternative from the drop-in liners.

Since opening in February, JMB Spray Coatings, located at 419 N. Main St. in Sikeston, is the local Ameraguard dealer.

Originally from Cape Girardeau, Teater has some 20 years experience in vehicle body work. Most recently he worked in Florida until deciding to move back to the Midwest.

According to Teater when he decided to make the move he knew he wanted to open his own business and began to research companies. After a month and half of study, he decided to go with Ameraguard.

"I picked the highest quality company on the market," Teater said with pride about the product. He added it provides quality protection not only for vehicles but also any wood, concrete, fiberglass or metal products.

Trained by the Ameraguard company, Teater learned the process which uses high heat and pressure to provide a custom, contour fit on all horizontal and vertical surfaces. "You coat it once and you will never have to touch it again, it will be there for the rest of time," said Teater.

Typically, a bedliner can be applied by Teater or his assistant, Frank Smith, with little downtime for the truck owner. The product sets on contact and cures quickly. He estimates the entire process takes about four hours.

The businessman points out the process is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and is environmentally safe. No volatile organic chemicals are used in the process.

Teater's own vehicle is completely covered in Ameraguard, prompting him to give the truck panel a kick to show the protection it provides against rough treatment. Smiling he gives it another hit with his fist and adds Ameraguard has a 200 percent stretch ratio so when a vehicle is dented the product will stretch along with the metal rather than cracking.

According to Teater, the polyurethane/polyurea coating can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees and most chemicals, including gasoline and diesel, won't damage the finish.

While typically he applies the coating to trucks, he and his customers have found numerous other uses. Teater uses the Ameraguard system on trailers, hot tub inserts and patio furniture. "Basically anything prone to rust, I can cure that problem," he said. "And when I'm done there is relatively no maintenance ever again. Ameraguard seals the metal or wood air tight, making it moisture proof and impervious to the elements."

While Teater admits the process is more expensive than buying a liner for a truck, he is quick to point out the value it adds to the vehicle. According to Teater Ameraguard boosts value at trade-in time; because it is maintenance free, there is no worry about rust or damage often associated with liners and it is fade-resistance.

Most of his customers choose the black spray but Teater pointed out other colors are available. Recently he used the Ameraguard colors to complete a multi-color camouflage look for a customer.

Teater said the work by JMB Spray Coatings is 100 percent guaranteed. And he noted with pride that since their opening in February, no customer has returned with complaints about their work. This satisfaction rate has put him among the top 10 Ameraguard dealers in the U.S., he added.

Along with customer-satisfaction, Teater emphasizes customer-service at his business. He said JMB Spray Coatings makes ever effort to go that "extra mile" for their customers, from arranging after-hour appointments to customizing their work and design.

When the holidays approach, JMB Spray Coatings will have gift certificates available complete with a 10 percent discount on their work.

JMB Spray Coatings is open from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday in addition to appointments.