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Speakout 2/10

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Mike, I read your column on Social Security in the Feb. 2 paper. You are the crudest Republican I've ever heard of. They're going to kick you out of the club if you keep that up.

Kudos to Mike Jensen on his Feb. 2 editorial regarding SSI. He is right on target. There are some in prison who receive SSI. I know this for a fact. When will the madness stop?

The only person who I think is sick is the person who wrote the article about Secretary Rice. What is the world coming to now? All they can think about is to disgrace our President. He is our president and we ought to back him up. It is a shame to even print this stuff. We are Christians and God bless America.

I just left the court tonight to pay a big fine for not registering my property. This has all got to be a joke. Why should I have to pay the city for owning a house here? I already pay ridiculous taxes in Sikeston and Benton. Why should I have to pay or register houses? The city says it is to clean up our community. Bull! It's to get more money from us. We should not have to pay this. I will never own another house in this town. All homeowners and landlords should get together and protest this. This is wrong. Why should we have to do this. Tonight I paid a big whopping fine that was going to fix one of my houses, but guess what, city? You can have both. Come on, landlords. Let's get together and get this changed. If you have to go to court, then you're there for three hours waiting and then giving them money they shouldn't be charging us for. Are we gonna stand for this, land owners? Are we gonna let the city do this to us? We need to stand together as one and get this registering crap taken out. Come on, people! Don't let the city push us away or walk on us. We have rights, too. Let's stand up for our rights. Sign me: A Broken Landlord. Thanks, Sikeston.

There is another constituency on Medicaid that is never mentioned. There are a number of families that I personally know who have pulled this stunt. When mom and dad get too old to stay at home and must be put in a nursing home, they divest their parents of all assets and declare them poor and destitute, therefore eligible for Medicaid. Very clever. This move will protect the children's inheritance and will let the taxpayers carry the burden for the total care of their parents. Many well-to-do families are pulling this stunt and then pointing the finger at the poor in general as being responsible for fraud.

Help the kids

Please help save the funding for Missouri's young disabled children! Governor Blunt is cutting funding for some of the most needy in the state. Go to www.savefirststeps.com Thank you from the children of Missouri. Please hurry so we can present the signatures as soon as possible!