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Standard Democrat Prep Football Corner

Thursday, November 4, 2004

Area Football Standings

SEMO Conference

Northern Division

Overall Conference
Cape Central27106272113342
Poplar Bluff36173228126276

Southern Division

Overall Conference
Scott City8 12541054 112554
Hayti5 41821884 114945
Malden451962583 113087
Portageville5 42162031 36984
East Prairie362192702 3109136
Chaffee0 91014050588244

Central Division

Overall Conference
Caruthersville9 0452544 018016
Dexter6 32681233 111351
Kennett1 81173040 335133
NMCC1 81153710 312126


Thursday's games

Cape Central at Sikeston7:00pm
West Plains at Poplar Bluff7:00pm
Kennett at NMCC7:00pm
Scott City at Charleston7:00pm
Caruthersville at East Prairie6:30pm
Malden at Portageville7:00pm
Hayti at St. Vincent7:00pm
Valle at Chaffee7:00pm

Friday night's games

Dexter at Perryville7:00pm
Seckman at Jackson7:00pm


Top Performers of the Week


228-Trey Porter, Malden

36 carries, 6.3 avg., 2 TDs.

204-Adam Cecil, Caruthersville

18 carries, 10.2 avg., 3 TDs.

188-Tremayne Pickens, Hayti

20 carries, 9.4 avg., 5 TDs.

176-Joseph Watts, Charleston

24 carries, 7.3 avg., 3 TDs.

131-Dez Johnson, East Prairie

19 carries, 6.9 avg., 4 TDs.


304-Keith Creekmore, Caruthersville

13 of 21, 23.4 avg., 2 TDs.

245-Mark Gum, Poplar Bluff

12 of 20, 20.4 avg., 4 TDs.

125-Preston Shoemaker, East Prairie

6 of 9, 20.8 avg.

116-Mark Johnston, Scott City

9 of 13, 12.9 avg.

109- Kyle Espey, Dexter

6 of 13, 18.2 avg., 2 TDs.


156-Kyle Hubbard, Caruthersville

4 catches, 39.0 avg., 1 TD.

155-Whalen George, Poplar Bluff

5 catches, 31.0 avg., 1 TD.

80-Ty Craft, Cape Central

2 catches, 40.0 avg., 1 TD.

77-Luke McClellan, Scott City

5 catches, 15.4 avg.

77-Dez Johnson, East Prairie

3 catches, 25.7 avg.


Season Leaders

Matt Schaefer, S. City921414126.6 16
Trey Porter, Malden817313087.6 14
Adam Cecil, Caruthers.913012229.4 14
Joseph Watts, Charleston913810517.6 14
Antonio Scott, Portage.916610316.2 14
Dez Johnson, E. Prairie913910097.3 16
Alex Becker, Dexter81689535.7 14
Tremayne Pickens, Hayti91508805.99
Austin Bock, Jackson91446834.79
Apollo Patterson, Sikes.81365564.14
Keith Creekmore, Caruth.996180177729
Mark Gum, Poplar Bluff9104236157212
Kyle Espey, Dexter988178149516
Josh Marshall, Charleston986163123812
Jeff Daugherty, Chaffee97316511513
Derek Roberts, Dexter94369316.18
Kyle Hubbard, Caruthers.92562525.0 10
Plessie Ellitt, Caruthers.93759216.09
Eugene Cooper, NMCC92255825.45
Ashton Farmer, Charles.93751513.93
Geoff Mirly, Chaffee92346220.11
Kevin Chapin, P. Bluff92544617.84
Whalen George, P. Bluff92142320.14
Felante Larry, Sikeston93542112.01
Ryan Criglar, Malden91334426.53
SCORING Td Pat Fg 2pt Pt
Matt Schaefer, Scott City181551140
Dez Johnson, E. Prairie19004122
Adam Cecil, Caruthersville17007116
Antonio Scott, Portageville1600198
Joseph Watts, Charleston1600096
Trey Porter, Malden1400594
Paul Sanders, Caruthersville1400288
Alex Becker, Dexter1400186
Derek Roberts, Dexter1191078
Kyle Hubbard, Caruthers.1200174
Plessie Ellitt, Caruthersville1000060
Jason Meystedt, Jackson1000060
Bobby Clark, Charleston900156
Austin Bock, Jackson900156
Brandon Twiggs, C. Central900054
Tremayne Pickens, Hayti900054
Todd Tinsley, Poplar Bluff800048
David Rhoda, Chaffee800048


SEMO Top 10 Poll

The SEMO Top 10 football poll as voted on by the Southeast Missouri Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association, with first-place votes in parentheses, total points, record and last week's ranking:

1. Caruthersville (10)1519-01
2. North County (5)1499-02
3. Salem (1)1319-03
4. Farmington1118-14
5. St. Vincent788-16
6. Charleston657-27
6. Jackson656-35
8. Dexter596-38
9. Scott City399-19
10. Ste. Genevieve195-410

Others receiving votes: Hayti 13.

compiled by Derek James