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Speakout 10/5

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

In regards to the Sept. 24 SpeakOut, that was a super write-up (the first one) but I'm sure the caller did not mean "Where was Clinton when the Kerrys were learning to fly." I'm sure the caller meant, "Where was Clinton when the terrorists were learning to fly our airplanes?" But something that should be brought out, as far as record, would be if Kerry would put on "60 Minutes" or something his legal documents that gave him all his awards in Vietnam. We know they're all lies, so why can't we just see that proof here.

You could possibly be right about the first call. Some SpeakOut calls are not very clear. When words rhyme or are similar (Kerry/terrorists) it would help if callers would spell the word so we don't miss it.

I just heard on the news that Congress overwhelmingly approved President Bush's tax cuts for the middle class families. There were only like 65 representatives and three senators who voted against. I wonder which party these belong to. Also, I wonder if Senators Kerry and Edwards made it to the vote and how they would have voted. Hmmm.

According to a report found on the Internet, "Analysts said the bill may give Bush a political victory going into the November 2 election, but Kerry also endorsed the measure as offering middle-class relief." You may be able to find how many of the mentioned 68 who voted against the tax cut were Republican and how many were Democrat by searching the Internet.

I would like to ask the mayor, aldermen and town workers here in Morehouse why on Sept. 24 the people weren't notified of the work that was done to the water plant today and the result was bad water throughout the day. Why wasn't this put on TV? They should realize that too many people here do not have radios to listen to, but they do have TVs. Is there a system where they could notify residents of Morehouse of situations like this where there is no water? The school had to dismiss early because of the situation. Half of the people in Morehouse do not go to the store to see what is posted on the door about what's going on in town.

Political advertising

There's no use for John Kerry to buy ads on TV in Missouri or any of the states that CBS reaches. They have him on there more than he was before he stopped buying the ads. Everything he says, wherever he is, that's where the newsmen are.

Middle school and high school parents need to take care of their daughters who walk all over the place. If they don't want to see the football game, they sure don't need to be behind the bleachers and at the concession stand. It is your responsibility to protect these girls from being raped or just to be taken advantage of. Wake up, parents.

I am calling about the mess made on I-57 between Charleston and Bertrand, the mess made while repairing the road. I thought MoDOT was all about safety. I have never in my life (and I'm 72 years old) seen such a mess made of concrete busted within about two weeks of being poured. Is this the way you are spending my hard earned tax money? It is not because you are short-handed because I passed every day when they were working on the road. Then they had three people working while four or five others stood around looking stupid. Someone should lose their job over this mess. This is a disgrace to the state of Missouri when out-of-state people travel down this road and see such a mess, how unsafe it is and how hard it is on your vehicles and tires. Who can I contact with a complaint about this mess (other than Sikeston)?

You can call the Missouri Department of Transportation in Jefferson City. To call toll-free, dial (888) 275-6636 and ask to be transferred to the Jefferson City headquarters; or you may call directly to (573) 751-2551.