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SpeakOut 3/25

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

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I am a World War II veteran and it drives me crazy trying to figure out why we are so desperate to go into Iraq and create havoc. The war does not warrant having our soldiers or any of our military killed over something that is not affecting the United States directly. All the countries around Iraq are the ones who will regret not coming in and helping solve this problem. If we withdrew all our troops from the war area and left Iraq alone, sooner or later the countries around Iraq will find out that they should have gone in and helped straighten this out. They are the ones who are in danger. The billions of dollars the U.S. has spent, that has put us deeper in debt, seems to me uncalled for.

I read SpeakOut every day and all I see is complaining. There is never a thank you in there or a kind word for the newspaper. I think you guys do a great job. If everyone would take the time to look around, they could find something good in everybody, whether it's the newspaper, the cops on the beat, the people who work in the fast-food places, the clerks at the store or just the kids walking down the street. We should start thanking God every day for the freedom we have. So instead of complaining, take one day out of your miserable life and look around. Immortality is a terrible thing to face when they tell you that you don't have a choice or a chance and that there's nothing you can do. You can buy a house, but you can't buy a home; you can buy entertainment, but you can't buy joy; you can buy the best doctors and medical care in the country, but you will never be able to buy health.

On March 8 my family and I went to a chili dinner at the Canalou Baptist Church, where many churches were represented. They were raising money for the Kenny Rogers Children's Center. We had a wonderful time. Everybody was so friendly and we really felt the spirit there at the church. If they have the dinner next year, we plan to go back. They had singers there too. Although we didn't know many people there, they made us feel welcome and we really enjoyed the fellowship.

Bush said "we," meaning the United States rules the world. Don't we want freedom for everyone? Who are we to tell other countries what they can or cannot do? I didn't vote for Bush and I won't if he runs again. I don't want war. I still support our troops. They're doing their duty, following orders. I had five brothers in World War II. I watched my mother cry and pray all those years and I prayed too. I don't have any money to build Iraq; neither do my children. They have enough oil money over there to rebuild their own country. Let's take care of ours. I don't want french fries, I want freedom fries. I don't want anything out of France.

War is not an act of God but is a crime of man. My country is going to war and I love my country, but it's not what I want.

Call it like it is. I read about the Mississippi County Courthouse being flooded again from the backup of the sewer. How many times has this happened since the new courthouse was built? You would think that with a multi-million dollar building this wouldn't happen. Does the engineer have any liability in this? This has happened ever since the courthouse has been built.

I read in the March 17 SpeakOut where they're downing "Slick Willie." Clinton never got us in to the trouble we're in and I'm tired of people putting him down. We've had this character in for going on three years and what has he done? He's taken us to war that we don't need. It's going to be killing people. I wish they would leave Bill Clinton alone. He was overseas as much as he was in the United States. This character is not like but two people overseas. We're in trouble.

The best way to support our troops is to impeach Bush.