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Speakout 10/15

Friday, October 15, 2004

I owe some money to two businesses in the small town where I live. I have faced some financial hardship and haven't been able to pay them. I have asked God to forgive me for not being able to pay my debts and want these businesses to know that I am sorry and will pay them just as soon as I can.

Your call could have come from anywhere in the country. Calling SpeakOut won't help the businesses you owe money to. Many businesses will work with customers who make them aware of their circumstances and agree to pay a portion of the bill monthly until it is paid off. Call and speak with the manager or owner of these businesses.

To the people in an apartment on Dorothy Street, I would like you to know that the police are watching you and your drugs will be cut short soon. You and your girlfriend are being watched.

I saw where our so-called conservative president is spending more of our tax money making a campaign trip and stop and disguising it under the deal of signing a tax thing in Des Moines, Iowa. That's ridiculous. No wonder we don't have any money and no wonder we're so far in debt. He will go out and spend without worrying about how he's going to get it in.

I am a proud 1969 graduate of Sikeston High School. A couple of nights ago I saw my name in the paper, they were looking for the class of 1969. I was looking forward to going to the reunion this time; I hadn't gone before. I called the number in the paper and was told to call a number in Cape Girardeau and I did. I left my number and address several times for the information to be sent to my home for a return call. I could never get in touch with anyone this way and this was very upsetting to me and my sister-in-law, who also planned to attend. If this was done intentionally? We weren't wealthy people. Or should they have had someone else in charge of the reunion.

Edwards was really off when he debated Cheney. He brought up about Cheney's daughter and then about lying about stopping Meals On Wheels and starve people to death. Kerry talked about schools when he was on there, about cutting the class sizes down. They've already done that under Bush. We have wonderful teachers in the schools. All we need is for the parents to take a little more interest in their children. A lot of parents do, but a lot of parents don't care how their kids do in school or help them with their lessons. They should give the teachers a raise, keep the good teachers we have and quit lying about the Republicans. That's all they do. They lie and lie about taking the Social Security away. More people get free medicine and hospital bills and everything, half of the children in this country are on welfare. That's the problem. The working people can't afford to pay for their own insurance because they're paying for everybody else's.

I wonder if people knew that John Kerry was a debater in college. President Bush doesn't like to argue in a debate. He didn't do well, but I feel like he needs to be in there. Bush has good morals and because he does trust in God, I think somebody is trying to get him into things he's not used to doing.

Amen and amen to Mike Jensen's Oct. 5 editorial, "Loss of monument is a loss for society." I wish the reverend who was against this man and Judge Moore had a copy of this article. This editorial was just wonderful. Thank you, Mike.

Mr. Cheney said if Kerry gets elected we will be attacked by terrorists. Look at what happened while he was in office. Hah! I think he is full of bull. Why didn't he stop it? Why were we attacked? He was supposed to be in there to stop it, him and Bushy-boy. He is nothing but a big mouth and coward just like Bush. At the debate, Bush looked like a whipped dog who wanted to tuck his tail and hide under the podium. I don't blame him, I would, too; he's such a big coward and big mouth. He just wants to blow wind.

No respect. You can see what kind of vice president Edwards would make. When he brought up about Cheney's daughter and he made two mistakes (and he knew because he was a lawyer). He broke the rule twice in one little speech. People should think about what kind of vice president he would make. He showed no respect for the elder Cheney, who was being nice and never put him down or anything. I think Cheney has made a wonderful vice president and hopes everyone else thinks the same after watching the vice presidential candidate debate. He's got two kids coming along - he may have two of them.

What happened to Mary-Ann Maloney on Channel 12 News? We truly miss her and hope she is all well.

She has taken some time off from work but will be back.