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SpeakOut 8/15

Friday, August 15, 2003

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You can't be for one and not be for the other. I agree that homosexuality is wrong. I agree that being gay is wrong, because the Bible strictly teaches that it is wrong and is an abomination to God. I truly believe that gay people are lost and need to find Jesus and trust Him as their personal savior, and they won't want to be gay. I know that Bush talks about God-this and God-that. At one time, he was a falling down, drunk alcoholic. Rosalind Carter worked hard to get alcohol and beer out of the White House. Then what did the first President Bush's wife do when she got in there? She said that most definitely beer and alcohol would be back in the White House. You can't be for one thing and not be for another. You either have to stand up for all that's right or don't stand for any of it. You can't straddle the fence.

In response to snakes in the house, the house traps we set out by our doors in the spring, before we bring them in in the fall, snakes and frogs were hibernating when it's cool. When the temperature gets warm in the house, they will come out. I found a snake in the floor and had a flower pot on a table and there were two frogs sitting on the table. So be aware what's in those pots.

This is in response to people who keep saying President Bush is always lying. What's he lying about? All our wonderful inspectors were finding stuff there all the time and they are still finding cover-ups. Nobody in the world has ever lied about as many things as your wonderful Clinton. As far as being a murderer, he is not a murderer. Is every president who declared a war a murderer? How many are killed in drive-by shootings in this country every day? Is that his fault too?

I don't know who the person is who called in "Bush in the hot seat," but I would like to shake your hand. Whoever you are, you are right on target (no pun intended). In my opinion, George Bush is no better than Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden. All three are ruthless murderers. Between George W. Bush and Missouri Gov. Bob Holden, our economy is down the tubes. I am disabled and have Medicaid, but no thanks to Bob Holden, the elderly and disabled can't afford eyeglasses or medication. I say impeach Bush and Holden. Let's get them out of office immediately.

Our governor of Missouri is so dumb and crazy, he must be kin to President Bush.

This is in response to "Bush in the hot seat." George W. Bush has definitely not been good for this country, as far as the economy and employment are concerned. Everything has gone haywire since he's been office. Unemployment is at an all-time high. When Bill Clinton was in office, he created over a million new jobs. The economy flourished under his administration, plus he became the first (and only) president who has ever balanced the budget. And also, I was reading that George Bush has lied. He did say he knew where the weapons of mass destruction were, and if he knew where they were, they should have already found them. The point is, that was probably another mistake they'll blame on Great Britain too. As far as I know, Congress has not passed a law where a president can serve more than two terms but are working on it. I understand there was talk about trying to pass a law like that. If they do, most definitely, Bill Clinton would get my vote again. I believe he would win in a landslide. True, he was unfaithful to his wife, but again, as this person had said, that's between him and his wife. His personal life should never have been broadcast on national TV to begin with. His lie did not cost the lives of any other people; he was only answerable to his wife and daughter, and that's it. The Republicans seemed determined to ruin him over that. To me, Bill Clinton was one of the best presidents this country has ever had, and George Bush is one of the worst. He's war-hungry and now we're fixing to send people over to Africa.

I would like to address this to Lambert's Restaurant. I think it would be a good idea if you build another restaurant on the north side of Sikeston between the First United Methodist Church and the new Industrial Park so it would catch people coming in on the northern interchange and all points north of there. Also, customers they have now wouldn't have to stand outside in the heat and wait in line, or in the cold winter. You would gain two ways. You would be able to serve as many customers and they wouldn't have to suffer with the weather. It's just a matter of whether or not you would want to spend that much money or not. It would pay off.