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SpeakOut 8/18

Monday, August 18, 2003

Call 471-6636

I'd like to reply to the people who spoke out against President Bush. I was involved in Desert Storm I as an intelligence officer. First off, everybody, all presidents use information gathered by their intelligence agents. George Washington used information gathered by French intelligence agents and it worked out pretty well for him. It was not a lie, it was a different form of intelligence not gathered by American intelligence but by British, and they still stand behind him. As far as him lying, it's not a lie; it's just using a different intelligence agent. As far as the person who said maybe we should have Bill Clinton as president, I would suggest they read the Constitution. It's illegal and that was put in there for a reason. You don't mess with the Constitution and right now, I believe President Clinton was a fabulous president, as was Ronald Reagan, but neither of them should get another chance. It's against the Constitution. As far as Mr. Clinton not lying and not getting anybody killed, due to the failure to attack al-Qaida after the embassy bombings and after the bombing of the Cole, we lost 3,000 people in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington on 9-11. Clinton was also responsible for those deaths. He has to answer to the entire country for those deaths. If he had taken care of al-Qaida in the first place, 9-11 would probably have never happened. I wish people would check the facts before calling SpeakOut. They are causing this great paper to waste its print space, trees and printing ink on pretty much crap. One of the articles mentioned that George Bush said he knew where the weapons of mass destruction were. George Bush never said he knew where they were. He said he knew they had them, and they do have them. Bill Clinton has also backed up saying, when he left office in 2000, that there were x-amount weapons of mass destruction that were not accounted for. This is why we went to war, for the failure of them to abide by the United Nations regulations. We have never said we know where they're at. We do know they have them and sooner or later we will find them. But also the fact that Democrats keep saying that George Bush lied when their biggest proponent, ex-President Bill Clinton, is the one saying he also knows that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and we should give it time so we could find them. Again, I wish people would get the facts before they call in and waste valuable print space.

Why does the media continue to lie and tell us that only 30 or 40 or 59 Americans have died in Iraq since George Bush was on the boat? The Department of Defense has sent to families 120 death notices of men and women who have died since May 1 and George Bush's act on that boat.

I am the person who called in about snakes getting into the house, and yes, I am terrified of snakes. Can someone tell me how to keep snakes from getting in here. What can I put around my house to make sure none come in? I have water around my house dripping from the air conditioner.

I don't think people should pay taxes anymore in the city of Sikeston until they collect all the taxes from the people who aren't paying theirs. It isn't fair.

I noticed in the Sikeston delinquent tax list the names of four or five people who have been dead for several years and their names are listed as being delinquent on paying taxes. Now they can't pay taxes if they're dead. The city needs to check the list a little better before putting the names in and see if the owners are still alive or not.

What can you do when a prosecutor won't prosecute anyone for conflicting stories and was attempted murder, and I don't have the money to hire a lawyer? Does anybody know what I can do?

I called in some time back about rent-to-own places charging high prices and ripping people off and it wasn't put in SpeakOut. But the other day, someone called in the same thing about rent-to-own places ripping them off, and you put theirs in but you didn't put mine in.

And now we have.