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SpeakOut 9/3

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Call 471-6636

This is regarding tips for the restaurant servers. Any employer who expects their workers to work for less than minimum wage does not deserve to have a business. Not only do we pay for the regular food, they want us to pay the salaries of their servers. Seniors should not have to worry about tipping the servers. The restaurant owners should be ashamed for asking customers to pay the salaries of their employees.

I read in the paper where Bob Holden's inaugural services or parties and now the taxpayers in the state of Missouri and workers in the state of Missouri are going to get to pay now. The unions are collecting their fees through Mr. Holden and the taxpayers in the state of Missouri.

This is in response to the person who put "Life is precious" in SpeakOut. I'll bet the grandmother told you how she felt about mixed relationships, so if you chose to go ahead and do it, it is your problem. It isn't hate. It is a person's privilege to feel what they do, just as it was yours to do it. So give it what you can and leave the grandmother alone. Not everyone accepts it. They have their rights too.

Hello, SpeakOut. I enjoy your column, especially when you get these misfits in there who complain about the President of the United States. I wonder if Bill Clinton had still been in office on the 9/11 attack and all this other was - he was the biggest coward ever was. He went overseas and protested the Vietnam War. I wonder if he would have done the same thing, just sat back on his duff and said, "Well, look. We've done something there; we can't fight them." Also, some Democrats are always accusing our President of past wars and this and that. Let's go back to Lyndon B. Johnson and the Vietnam War.He was so much of a coward on that war over there, he didn't know how to handle it. He didn't know how to go about taking control of the war. Let's go back to Kennedy - the Cuban crisis and all that. We think Bill Clinton was bad with the woman scandals and lying and stealing and cheating. Heck. That was just dent compared to Kennedy. But they didn't have reporters all scattered around with him like they did with Clinton. But let's get our perspective right. We have a God-fearing man in office now and if he wasn't in there in this time of need, I would hate to think what would happen to this country.

Would you please print Rep. JoAnn Emerson's Cape Girardeau phone number in SpeakOut?

Rep. JoAnn Emerson's Cape Girardeau office is at 339 Broadway, (573) 335-0101. Her Washington office is at 2440 Rayburn House, Washington, DC 20515 (202-225-4404). Her e-mail address is: joann.emerson@mail.house.gov

Does anyone in town offer a list of people who offer Section 8 housing? I would like to rent a house or an apartment. Is this information available or do you just ask the landlord when you call about a place?

Call the Sikeston Housing Authority at 471-3012. The Sikeston Area Chamber of Commerce has a list of members who offer apartments or duplexes. This list is available at SACC, One Industrial Drive in Sikeston.

How can you separate church and state when, when you go to court you are sworn in with a Bible? The government doesn't have a right to remove things out of the public. It's going to get it where you can't mention God at all.