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SpeakOut 8/6

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

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It seems to me that George Bush has a strong desire to bring this country to war and keep us in war all the time. The economy has done badly under George Bush. I would like to see Bill Clinton back in office. Clinton may have been unfaithful to his wife, but that's personal problems, that's between a husband and his wife. But as far as the economy, everything was better under Bill Clinton's administration. In my opinion, George Bush has done nothing any other President who was in office would have done when our country was attacked. I believe any president, Republican or Democrat, would have defended this country, just like George Bush did. For that, he is to be commended. Being in Iraq, where our soldiers are being shot at and killed on a daily basis, is ridiculous. They haven't found one single weapon of mass destruction. Remember, George Bush said they knew where the weapons were. So it's not a point that they can't find them, according to him (unless he's lying about that, too). He knew where they were at. So let's get Bush out of there and support our senators who passed that law for a president to run more than two terms. Let's get the man in there who would really do the job and help this country get back on its feet economy-wise, Bill Clinton for president.

Yes, Bush has made mistakes and he's still making mistakes. He should be impeached before he does anything anymore. A lie is a lie and he has lied, lied, lied. Everyone said to let it alone, he made a mistake. The Republicans sure wouldn't let anything alone when Clinton made a mistake. All they could think was "impeach." At least his mistakes didn't involve lost lives, like Mr. Bush has lied about. Nobody was murdered or killed. Mr. Clinton has to answer to his family, and not to mothers. Mr. Bush has murdered a lot of people, as far as I'm concerned, sending all these people overseas and getting killed. And they're still getting killed.

This is in response to "Some people need help," published in the July 30 paper. This is not an advertisement; this is just a service that we do offer. If this person will come by Sikeston Auto Service at 602 Linn St., we will check the air pressure and adjust, check all fluids and all belts and hoses, absolutely free, no strings attached and no catches. (This is not a commercial.)

I am calling in reply to the caller who was scared about snakes in the home. The reply was that a snake might enter a home to get to a cool place or if it's chasing a predator, such as a mouse. Since when is a mouse a predator? The snake is the predator. You need to get better writers.

The writer gave the information in SpeakOut exactly as it was received. You've heard the old cliche, "Don't shoot the messenger?" In any case, the comment was that a snake could follow a mouse into a home.

I have just one simple question. Are we ever going to have another ABC store? We sure need one.