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Should they invent anti-wave siding?

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

From time to time, this column tries to deliver a bit of insight into a problem or issue. At other times, this column tries to heap either praise or criticism on an assortment of topics. But from time to time, I come across what seems like the bizarre nature of humanity that often leaves you scratching your head in bewilderment.

Today's column is the latter.

It seems the D'Souza family of Sacramento, Calif., (where else?) has a small problem. The couple is convinced that their neighbors are plotting their demise by bombarding their home with mysterious "radio waves" that have caused all sorts of ailments.

So the D'Souza family hatched a secret weapon to counter the radio wave assault. The couple attached aluminum pieces on the outside of their home and lined the interior walls with foil. That way, according to the D'Souzas, the aluminum would repel the radio waves and shield them from the neighborhood assault.

Well fortunately, the city of Sacramento has policies against aluminum shields or any such devices and has ordered the family to remove the eyesores. The D'Souzas said they would reluctantly comply and remove the hodgepodge of metal strips that lined the house's exterior. They made no mention of removing the protective foil from the home's interior. Nor did they mention anything about removing the highly-secret foil mattress on their bed that serves as nocturnal protection.

In a twist, the D'Souzas say the bombardment of invisible rays began exactly one year to the day following the Sept. 11 attack, thus they see some connection though they are hush-hush on their explanation.

So today the streets of Sacramento are quiet. The D'Souza home no longer is encircled with aluminum shields and order has been restored. But the family vows to provide officials with evidence to support their unusual claim.

So when your world is spinning out of control, your kids are restless at the beginning of summer, the bills are piling high and life seems too hectic, just think of the poor D'Souza family. There they sit, bombarded by highly-secret radio waves with no protection.

See, you ain't got it so bad after all!

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