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Speakout 6/26

Sunday, June 26, 2005

This is regarding the article in the June 17th issue concerning the San Jose sex offenders. This is horrifying. Why doesn't some senator or congressman put forth a bill declaring that when they arrest and convict scum like this it is automatic castration. That would stop a lot of these jerks. There is no language that is hard enough to describe how I feel.

This is in regards to yesterday's question about the 1985 Sikeston High School reunion. Please e-mail ragingbear@charter.net or call 573-446-4286 and leave your contact information and we will send information out to you.

I was just reading in the paper where this guy in Fresno, Calif., killed nine of his children after he had raped them for years. It said a policeman stood at the door for an hour and 20 minutes after they had them out there and he went back inside and killed them while the children's mother begged the police to go in. It is really strange, the police are he same everywhere about being scared to go in and do things to anybody. They let all those children get killed but I just wonder if there was a train that got in their way and they couldn't do anything about it like they did over in Sikeston.

This concerns the Senior Citizens Nutrition Center located on West Commercial Street in Charleston, Missouri. This center is in a financial crisis. They sure could use some financial help. I am calling this to the attention of the two Charleston banks and also the two big churches in Charleston. I know you made a generous donation to another establishment in our town in the last few years. I would think the senior citizens put more money in your bank and in your collection plates than the very young people of our community. The nutrition center helps between 100 and 150 senior citizens five days a week. Where else can you help 500 people a week? Incidentally, any other organization that wants to help feel free to get on board. I am not employed at the nutrition center nor do I eat there. They still owe on the building and when the building is paid off, maybe they can make it on their own. Thanks all organizations and clubs for any help you furnish. Sign me a concerned citizen.

I would like the voters of Missouri to wake up. We have one of the lowest cigarette tax rates in the country and the third highest rate of smoking. Do you think this just might be related? Our governor is refusing to increase this tax. Why when he is cutting other programs because the state is out of money. $72 million raised by a cigarette taxes which is project would really help with our expenses in the state. Then maybe we could have some new roads, public schools and health programs. You need to write your representative and senator and ask them why is our governor refusing to increase cigarette taxes.

Missouri voters rejected a higher cigarette tax two years ago.

I would like to know where all our hummingbirds have gone to this year. They were out here for a while and now they are all gone. We planted and planted and planted pretty flowers for them. They are usually here but where have they gone? They are usually here later than this in the year. I hope and pray they come back. I love my hummingbirds.