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Speakout 3/30

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I want to Speakout on the March 21 issue of the Standard Democrat quoting Coach Farmer trying to blame the officials for the horrible loss up there at state. Don't blame the officials because that is the last thing you need to do. Take a look in the mirror, get yourself some defensive assignments and go in there and teach defense. Yes, your team worked hard but they didn't get any ball handling. They are just out there playing. They have no direction, no defensive scheme at all. Get some help in there. Those kids should have already won four state championships. Coach look in the mirror, don't look at the officials. We should be state champs for 2001, 2, 3, 4.

A question. The people who have gone to Dr. Roberts for years and years and years and the office has been closed for three months now. We can't find out if he is coming back or anything. We can't get our charts where we can go to someone else. His patients deserve an answer of some kind.

I keep seeing these comments in Speakout about these people who don't know the whole situation about this little girl at school. If there is more to it and they are so confident about it, why don't they let us know? Until they do, I will continue to believe it was stupid, irresponsible decision and they had no justification for it unless those people who know so much will let us dumb people know what is going on.

These politicians are so concerned about the lady down in Florida and claiming that she hasn't had due process of law. I just turned on the television and saw where nine - no less than nine judges have ruled against the family. And still these politicians, for their own political gain are saying she hasn't had due process of law. What would it take to get due process of law if it is not nine judges ruling in one way?

I want to Speakout about the lady on life support. I think the parents of this girl should be their butts out. They gave their daughter to her husband when he married her so he should be the one to make the decision. I think Mr. Bush and everyone else should leave that decision to her husband. Mr. Bush and Congress have other things they need to pay attention to like the Iraqi war - put an end to it. Also they are killing our boys and girls everyday, what is the difference? Mr. Bush doesn't have a lick of sense or Congress either one. I don't have faith in either one of them.

Is there anyone interested in moving people within the city limits?