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Your view: About Republicans

Monday, March 28, 2005

Dear Editor,

President Bush wants to establish democracies in Afghanistan and Iraq, all of his other reasons for attacking them being proven to be false. He doesn't know what he is going to do tomorrow and he's not sure of what's going on today and he's still trying to figure out what happened yesterday.

As far as establishing democracies in those countries what is there to do? They already have true Republican democracies that are working perfectly and need no changes according to the Republican record here in the United States.

In World War II, I served in Iran, Iraq and other countries as well. Iran and Iraq are very similar. In 1944, the average life span was 27 years in Iran. They had no public education, no public heath, no charity (except from the outside), no Medicare, no Medicaid, no welfare, no disease control, no social security, no retirements, no workmen's compensation, no union, no unemployment compensation, no minimum wage, no child labor laws, no inheritance taxes, no pure food and drug law, no First Step program for handicapped kids, no farm program and many others. Sure sounds like a Republican democracy to me since they are on record of bitterly opposing most, if not all, of the above here in our homeland.

The Republicans hate Franklin Delano Roosevelt's programs with such intensity I believe they would dismantle all of them if they could. If they get control of every country, every state and the federal government, they will do that.

I also believe they would go out into the countryside and pull up the electric light poles that Roosevelt put in for us. They would likely tell us those poles are liberal poles and anything liberal has to go and if you farmers want electricity put it in yourself using conservative poles.

Forbes magazine recently said there are 692 billionaires in the world. Bill Gates with over 50 billion. The combined wealth of those 692 billionaires is greater than the total annual income of all the working people in the entire world.

If you want to help those billionaires get richer and create more of them while they deficit spend our nation into bankruptcy then vote Republican.

W. T. Woods