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Speakout 6/5

Sunday, June 5, 2005

I need help in finding sheets of plexiglass for craft projects if anyone has some for sale or knows what businesses have it I would appreciate it if they would call 620-1056.

In Tuesday's paper, the gentleman that killed his wife got 15 years for the murder after leaving the country. On the same page the young man, I know a convicted felon shouldn't have possessed ammunition, but he got 12 years for having a box of 22 long rifle shells on his front porch. Have we got something unbalanced here?

This is in response to Medicaid for workers. The lady that has cancer, if she really needs help with her medical expenses she can contact the American Cancer Society and I'm sure there are other programs that will help her if she needs the help.

In reference to the Michael Jackson case, I'm not sure that Michael Jackson is guilty or not guilty but there is very strong evidence that something is not quite right. I wonder how many of the people who testified in his defense, especially the parade of Hollywood celebrities who are so sure he is innocent, I wonder how many of those would be willing to let their young children spend a weekend at Michael Jackson's ranch if the truth really be known.

I would like to Speakout about "Get the facts straight." I really enjoy Speakout and I read every bit of it but I get so tired of this lady calling in and griping about someone saying something about her granddaughter. She must really think her granddaughter really is something if she has to gripe and complain about it all the time. Matter of fact is everyone knows her granddaughter better than she does.

I would like to know if anybody on the 27th of May when school let out on Friday at Morehouse Elementary School, somebody ran and the front of my car and bashed it right in the front edge on the driver's side. Somebody hit my car and they left. If you did this would you please step forward with this. If anyone saw the person who did this would you please step forward and let me know. Surely someone saw someone do this. I was parked right in the front of the Morehouse School. All I want is for you to pay something or help me to get it taken care of financially. It isn't real bad but it needs to be taken care of. I'm going to get a police report on it so if you did it or saw anything you need to call in. You can call 667-5326 or you need to let me know.

Please let me Speakout concerning little boy. They were handing awards for the children on the achievements that they made throughout the year on the last day of school at Morehouse Elementary. I noticed there was this little boy, he was like 11 years old, like a fourth grader. He recently passed to the fifth. He was in the very back row. Every child in this place got an achievement award of some kind except this little boy. Even a good citizenship award, that they don't do drugs and stuff like that. I noticed that this child never got anything. All the other children did. I really felt bad for this little boy. I don't understand that, I could feel the hurt from this child. Whether he did good or bad, he should have received something from the year. Surely you could have found something good in this child. I hope next year, I hope you can be good to all the little children - all these children are special in God's eyes. Don't hurt these children's feelings. Be good to these children in school.