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Speakout 6/7

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

I would like to Speakout about my little grandson. I live in Morehouse. Recently, two years ago, his father passed away and on his dying bed he asked me to look after his little son, he is a 11 years old. He got a check from his father's Social Security. I gave him $40 to go buy some new clothes with that he needs - a pair shoes and everything else and to get himself something to eat and drink. This man here in Morehouse, he knows who he is too, took this $40 from my little grandson and took it and put it in his pocket so he could ride his motorized motorscooter. How could you do this to him to charge this child $40 to ride this motorscooter? You are preying on children here. I was so upset over it, that I pulled off the road and cried real tears. I'm so upset that any human being could do this to a child. I hope you sleep good tonight because you need to change your ways and make amends to him. That money belongs to him from his dead father. If you have any scruples about you, you will give this money back to this child or to me his grandmother. I'm going to pray for you tomorrow. You need it. Shame on you.

I would like to know what the big deal on smoking is. I know it is not a good thing but neither is drinking. You can't smoke here, you can't smoke there. People are carrying this smoking thing a little bit too far. Drinking can cause more problems than smoking. You say smoking kills, well so does drinking. People get out and drink and drive, they get drunk and it affects their ability to see clear. Wake up people, drinking is much worse than smoking. Sure you can say that smoking causes cancer, that is not the only thing that causes cancer. You people need to wake up and realize that drinking is a whole lot worse than smoking a cigarette.

I am a member of Hunter Memorial Church, writing in response to "Remove sign" on May 22, 2005, and the "Christian" who wrote it. First of all, as a "Christian" what are you doing judging others? Isn't God the only one with any authority to do that? To tell you the truth in our congregation's eyes our pastor is a wonderful man with a bright spirit and unsurpassed intellect and passion for the word of God, and for sharing his knowledge of the same with all he meets. He would be welcoming, even to you, with open arms because he is not judgmental or one to hold grudges or contempt against anyone. He leaves that up to our Father in Heaven to do. My other concern about the little comment in its entirety was the fact that you said "God died for our sins." Well, read your Bible, "Christian." Jesus died for our sins. God's only begotten son. God himself didn't die. Jesus did. I don't see where you, a "Christian," can judge without knowing those you judge or get the facts straight when you do, when they're right there in the Bible, that I know, as a "Christian," you must have read at one time or another right? Even so, if I were you, honey, I'd read it again! As for the sign, it's been changed and since you wanted an apology, here's one: I'm sorry, I'm sorry you missed the happy humor boat when it set sail. And lastly, I would personally like to thank you, Standard Democrat person for adding their two cents, no up to three cents worth under the "Signs" comment. You've got to admit, God himself can sometimes have his own brand of humor. I know, I had to laugh when I read "Remove sign," with all the mistakes in it. I think I may have heard a chuckle or two from above, also. Timeless, absolutely timeless.