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SpeakOut 8/8

Friday, August 8, 2003

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I read Aug. 3 where the Sikeston Jaycees have donated more than $116,000 to Missouri Delta Medical Center, and then I hear that the medical center is not allowing the employees to wear the Rodeo T's this year to support the rodeo. Is that showing appreciation?

Sorry, caller, but you have been grossly misinformed. The following is from a memo sent to all department managers at MDMC. "Some of you may receive requests from your employees to dress in western wear during this time (rodeo). Western wear includes jeans, boots, cowboy shirts, kerchiefs, etc. Jeans worn with T-shirts, sweatshirts and sneakers will not be considered western wear. As you grant these requests, please remember that good grooming and safe clothing should still be the rule. This relaxation of the dress code will begin with the day shift on Aug. 4 and end with the evening shift on Aug. 9. After the evening shift, we will return to our standard dress code." The reason this year's rodeo dress code is specified is because last year some employees went t work with old, worn out T-shirts with tennis shoes, which did not look professional or like rodeo wear.

I read an article in the Standard Democrat where JoAnn Emerson is trying to pass a bill in Congress which will allow a person to buy drugs in Canada. Guess what? It will never pass, and if it does, President Bush will veto it. The drug companies will contribute a lot of money and pay them off. It's called "political contributions" but it is legal for U.S. citizens to purchase drugs in Canada, if you go there in person. The officials will allow you to bring back a 90-day supply with no taxes, no hassle. But if you order them and have them mailed to you, buy a book for $16.90 and it will tell you how to do it. You can also call (800) 834-3888 and use a credit card and they will send you a book; or write them at Green Tree Press, 3603 W. 12th St., Erie, Pa. 16505. The book will tell you everything you have to know to get drugs mailed in from Canada. It gives the names and phone numbers of pharmacies and you can contact them there and they will even give you sample prices of 100 different medications.

I was in a store at Morehouse the other day and I heard a conversation going on. I merely inquired if the people were hiring and they said, "Yeah." I asked what the job qualifications are. They said they don't need any lazy kids or teen-agers. I think they need to take a look at the grownups who work there. The teen-agers don't have anything to do in Morehouse, but they sure get put down a lot. It's time the grownups in Morehouse stood up and took notice of this, because the Bible says that God favors the children, and teens are children too. We really need to take a look at all this, people, and stand up for our kids in Morehouse instead of letting them be knocked around all the time.

To the good folks of Sikeston. If you need to purchase something never go to a rent-to-own business. They charge you two or three times what the actual retail value is. Go to a friend or family member for a loan and search the paper for a used item. Rent to own is a rip-off. Period.

I think changing the name of the Cape Girardeau Indians is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. I have Cherokee blood and have no problem with that. I remember several years ago when a businessman (who is no longer living) was in Sikeston. He donated a huge Indian that cost several thousand dollars from a restaurant he owned in Sikeston and donated it to the college in Cape Girardeau. I see nothing wrong with it. I've never lived anywhere in Atlanta, Ga., but I love to watch the Atlanta Braves because I like to see the Tomahawks ruin their shirts. I like names like that. They have rattlesnakes named and everything else, like the Diamondbacks. Why can't they have Indian names? At least it shows you that some of the people know this country came from the Indians to start with. So some of the teams ought to be named after the Indians.