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Speakout 3/25

Friday, March 25, 2005

This is about Mr. Jensen's editorial on Wednesday, March 16. Mr. Jensen the major networks undoubtedly don't get to read your editorials or they would also be nice toward President Bush. How you ever got Fox News to read them fascinates me. It surprises me that so many people watch Fox News instead of the major networks or Bush would have lost the election. I'm sorry if Fox News and yourself could not find as much dirt on the Kerry campaign as the major networks could find on President Bush. But, duh. If it is out there I want to know. Fortunately I channel surf and know how to make up my own mind unlike the many who read your column.

I would like to respond to an article in today's Speakout entitled "Initial response." The Wichita, Kansas, police have the alleged BTK killer while the Sikeston, Missouri, police have the BDK - Bag of Dirt Kid. This is to the idiot who keeps picking on this little kid. Let me tell you something, you need to lay off. This child might have a problem that is not known. You don't know what kind of shape your kid can get if you have one. Someone is going to make you pay and I guarantee it won't be a man on earth, it will be a man up in heaven. There is a place for people like you who judge other people. You need to read the word of God: Judge not unless ye be judged by the same judgment or read the verse where it says let him without sin cast the first stone. Think about it.

This is on issues about the City of Miner. I totally agree with Benny Thurston's article. He uses two words to sum it all up - improper leadership. Need we say more?

Please ask the Charleston Post Office if they are not going to keep the window open until 5 for customer service to please get a stamp machine that works.

I can remember when President Bush took office and there was some money and now we are broke. He has been spending money like I don't know what. He should have to pay all that money back. He should have to pay the social security money back. They are going to lose their money if they are not careful just because what he is doing.

Dan Rather being sorry about the false news he reported is about like Slick Willie being caught that he had sex in the White House. He was sorry he got caught.