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SpeakOut 10/21

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Call 471-6636

I get the Sikeston Democrat paper. I live in Arkansas. I have two grandchildren that play in every sport that there is. But yet I live in Arkansas and cannot get my newspaper because the United States Postal Service will not give me my mail that I paid for everyday. Why don't people do their job and deliver what people have paid for? I don't understand this. I pay taxes, I pay everything. Yet I cannot get a Sikeston paper because of the United States Postal Service. I've spent good money to read about my grandkids. Come on Postal Service, do your job!

I am inquisitive about if anyone knows a dentist that will take Medicare and Medicaid. I've called about five or six places today, even Southeast Missouri Health Network. I have not found a dentist that will take Medicare or Medicaid.

Seventyish Caucasian lady looking for gentle Caucasian gentleman about the same age, nondrinker to just hang out together. If responding, put reply in SpeakOut.

This is to the Pharris Ridge Community and other rural areas. Watch out when your neighbors are shooting fireworks or it could be your shed or house that goes up in flames, like those poor kids had happen to their shed on Saturday night when their neighbor was shooting them. Thank you to the Morehouse Fire Department and other departments that came.

I am calling about the incident that happened a year or two ago. There were three boys involved, but only one is still left in jail. Why are they still holding him? If they let the other two go, they might as well let him go.

Comparing the Bible to a movie, then accusing someone of judging another person who is judging, does it ever stop? You seem to be judging also. I believe "In the Word." That person stated that you shouldn't judge and wasn't only asking a question. You can read SpeakOut and interpret it any way you like, much like people do the Bible. If they didn't, there wouldn't be so many different churches and religions. Come on people, give it a rest and worry about your own demons. If you truly believe, you will only be responsible for yourself on judgment day anyway.

I live in Mini Farms. We just saw a yellow and white, half-grown cat dumped off right in front of our house. Shame on you. Don't you know where the animal shelter is? You city guys are getting really bold dumping a cat in broad daylight. You in the white Pontiac, as soon as we locate you, you will be getting kitty back. And you are pathetic.