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SpeakOut 9/2

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Call 471-6636

To all you citizens in Cape Girardeau, I want to hear of you turning out in big numbers for the city council meeting in September about the strip joints. Folks, the moral majority (church people) need to pull together and knock Larry Flynt and the rest of this stuff out of this country. We can do it. It should have been done years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio, where Larry and his brother print those old filthy magazines all the time. Tell them don't want it and to get that filthy place out of town.

I live in Bertrand and am trying to find someone who works on stereos. Please put your number in SpeakOut.

What do you have to do in Mississippi County to get a speed limit sign put on your road? Several people on Spanish Grant Road have contacted the Mississippi County Sheriff's Department, Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Mississippi County commissioners about the speeding that is done on our road by motorcycles, vehicles, etc. Several kids live on this road and someone is going to get hurt if something isn't done. Election time is coming up and we who live on this road won't forget. If the Sheriff's Department or Highway Patrol would sit on our road for one day, maybe they would see what we mean. Is there any help out there?

With regard to the paper where it says the city gives the Humane Society $20,000, that is absolutely not true. Call and ask them the exact amount because it is not $20,000 - it's less than $20,000.

We got the information from the City of Sikeston and were told that $20,000 was the amount budgeted by the city for the shelter.

I wish people would quit assuming you would donate money or buy from a child's fund-raiser just because they do business with you and threaten to do business elsewhere if you don't. If a business does this for every customer, then they will go broke. I don't even own a business and some think that just because you work there, you're obligated to donate money. If I say "no," please accept it.

I would like to know the name, address and phone number for the owner of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Sikeston.

The owner of the Sikeston restaurant was Lloyd Harris of Memphis, Tenn., who recently died. You can contact the Sikeston manager, Terry Payne at 471-9646 or write to him at 924 S. Main St., Sikeston, MO 63801.