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Speakout 3/18

Friday, March 18, 2005

I have a question. I need to know if there is actually a five-mile no-fly zone around airports which means you can not fly kites at the complex. If so where can I take my kids to fly a kite?

If it weren't for tacos I would have committed suicide a long time ago.

I just read Mike Jensen's editorial criticizing Dan Rather and calling him a poor journalist. That seems to me like the pot calling the kettle black. Mike Jensen compared to Dan Rather, there is no comparison. Dan Rather has been an extraordinary journalist for many years. He has worked for CBS and reported the news as fairly as possible. Yes, Jensen we all know that you are a Republican and that you are in love with George W. Bush. For anybody to speak out against anything he might have done or didn't do, you can't handle it. Well, get over it. Dan Rather is a much superior journalist than you could ever be.

I am a senior citizen and I take the AARP Bulletin. I got one today and it says 55 plus - that's the age - and it says Social Security isn't investing, it is insurance. If we don't fight for it, Bush is going to give it to the business. I believe that. Bush doesn't want it, he never has wanted. Republicans don't want it. But we do. We have to fight for it.

I will never go and see or rent a movie with Tim Robbins or Susan Sarandon ever. They can both burn in hell.

The recent Supreme Court decision is another example of how it is getting more like the ACLU. They just can't do anything right.

This is just a bit of information for the Post Office. The boxes always full at 5:

15. They should put more boxes out or maybe empty their boxes more often. It sure is a mess there at 5:15.

This is to Janis McFerron who works at Flying J. I think she is a very special employee. She serves her customers with a smile, always. That is why she looks so young and beautiful. That shows a great personality can change your whole outlook and whole attitude about life. She is a very special and a very person. I am in and out all the time and have never have seen her cross. She always has a beautiful smile. She is an angel.