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Speakout 3/8

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

My wife and I are senior citizens living in Mississippi County. We have been to basketball games at Kelly, Poplar Bluff, New Madrid and Sikeston and we've always been let in free. But Charleston and East Prairie want to charge. Where's the love for your senior citizens?

Someone called in about the Bulldog Barker having a picture of a pregnant girl on the front cover. Sikeston has some snobby people who think they are better than everyone else. Apparently this person is part of that group. Just because the girl is pregnant does not make her a bad person. People make mistakes. I have two teen-aged daughters and if one of them were to get into a situation like that, I would not love them any less. This person needs to think about what they are saying before calling SpeakOut. The person in the picture probably does not appreciate someone talking like that and neither do a lot of other people.

To the person so concerned about if an ambulance was needed every time it was called. It is now over, with a great loss. I send my blessing to you and hope you never need it. Some people, like us, are not God and can't take care of the impossible, so think before you speak.

I read in the paper about Girl Scout cookie sales, but where are the Girl Scouts? They never go door-to-door to take orders anymore. Their parents call their work and take orders. I think the girls should be doing this themselves.

Many years ago I was told there was a cemetery on Grove Street in Sikeston. Does anyone know where the location of the cemetery is?

Call Carolyn Frey at (573) 262-2415 or Caryl Hairston at 471-7381 with the Scott County Historical and Genealogy Society.

I noticed in SpeakOut about two weeks ago where people were talking about the starlings messing up everything. They're right. Every time the city tries to run them off, the neighbors feed them in Sikeston. I know of people who put out a half-bushel or bushel of feed for them every day. They should quit feeding those birds. They will survive in the wild on their own. Please quit feeding them. They are messing up everything, they are unhealthy to the public and by feeding them you hamper the efforts of the city. Code enforcement said they would talk to these neighbors but haven't done it yet. We can't park our car outside, bird droppings are all over the house and everything and they carry germs and it's unhealthy.

To the ex-police officer who thinks being stopped at a road block to check driver's license, insurance or wearing your seat belt is harassment, they are all a law. I pay auto insurance and I don't feel guilty. Did you feel guilty because you might not be doing one of the three or all three? I pay, so why shouldn't others have to pay and be fined for not having insurance?