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Speakout 11/10

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Congratulations Sikeston High School boys soccer team. You just won the district championship again. This is two years in a row. Way to go. Congratulations.

To the person who considers themselves as being a target. If the Department of Family Services had you in their sights, it is probably for a good reason. I know for a fact that before they remove children from the home, they do a thorough investigation. This is done because they just don't want to remove children from the home without a valid reason. I get tired of people blaming everyone else for their own demise. The Department of Family Services is not out to get anyone. As a matter of fact, they want the children to remain with family, if at all possible. We have worked with families at our church that has lost children, and the DFS was very much in favor with putting the family unit back together. So if your name is as good as what you say it is, be a man and take responsibility for your actions. Thank you.

I'm responding to the person who said don't pee in my pool and smoking. There's a big difference. The pool may be yours, the restaurant is not. What makes you think that you have the right to make decisions for everyone else? If they have a smoking section, don't sit there. Smokers pay for their food as same as you do and they pay their taxes, too. Probably more than you do.

Hello. I was reading something in the paper today, browsing through an old paper, something about the proposed tax increase in New Madrid County. I read something from the Sikeston mayor, Mike Marshall, that he didn't see any benefit to the city of Sikeston for this tax increase and he didn't like the idea of the so-called carpetbaggers of New Madrid county up and taking Scott county tax dollars away. Well, I don't recall him being at all concerned about taking New Madrid tax dollars away, and using them in Scott County and Sikeston when Sikeston activated its one cent sales tax. Funny, you don't hear anything about that.

This is to the individual who needs a dog house. I don't know how small they consider small, but if they would like to have it, they can call me at 620


This is to the person who needs a dog house. I have one and my telephone number is 649-3781.

I have two free dog houses for whoever needs them. Both are in good condition, but I can't deliver. Call 887-4274, Chaffee, Mo.