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Speakout 10/8

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

If anyone in the Morehouse would like to rake leaves, please put your name and phone number in SpeakOut because I sure need someone to do this for me.

I don't think it's right when some members of a church put a letter in a newspaper and then sign the letter with the name of the church, when some of the members don't agree with the so-called resolution that was published in the newspaper.

I just received my Oct. 3 Standard Democrat and read Mike Jensen's article about the lawsuit between Schick and Gillette. I enjoyed the clever, witty way he put that article together. It just makes it very clear why Mike Jensen got into the newspaper business in the first place. It was a wonderful article and I really enjoyed it.

I live in the Ridgeview Subdivision. The Mini Mart had sold and was going to reopen, but due to a fire or explosion, that apparently isn't going to happen now. My main concern is that there is glass everywhere, the grass has grown up and it's beginning to look like a slum. We are proud of our little subdivision and would appreciate it very much of the realtor or owner would clean it up. We are sorry this happened, but please, do something about this mess.

Sikeston has been known for a place around Wilson and Harris streets called "dog track." Well, I'll tell you what. It's gotten its name back because we have so many big dogs around this area. You can hardly breathe because the owners don't have the common courtesy to clean up after their pets.

Put in the paper what president was in that bought the $57,000 gold deck of cards for Air Force One. Find out what president that was.

Mike, I was beginning to worry about you until I read your article in the paper. You answered your own question in the fourth paragraph. The Christmas Campaign is now providing assistance to second generation family members who benefited from the program since birth. It is the same with welfare. Some people do not want to do any better. They spend their entire lives looking for all the different handoutsz, thus, unfairly using good-hearted people like you. But, yes, you are definitely adding to the problem. One solution might be if you restricted the program to people over 65 years old.