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SpeakOut 10/9

Thursday, October 9, 2003

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Political scene

Arnold Schwarzenegger has really been blamed about those women who have come forward. But it's a funny thing that all of a sudden they came forward. David Letterman said the right thing, he would make a good president. If he was running for president instead of governor of California, he'd come up with Bill Clinton then. Besides, why are they digging him? It's just like the guy with the computer. He gives computers to schools and helps everybody and made his money, then who was fighting him? Who's fighting Arnold? Who's fighting Bush. Just look and see. The ones who are fighting them are the crooks and they're trying to do what's right. I don't know what to think of all this mess, but they need to start checking a lot of things and find out where the money is going.

Missouri law

I'm calling about the article in the Oct. 5 paper, "Electric scooters are illegal on street." If Chief Juden would look up the law on the Internet, which I did, on Missouri Law Section 307.180 to Section 307.196, as of August 28, 2002, it was legal to ride those and you do not have to have a helmet. The electric scooters are considered a motorized bicycle according to Section 307.180. The only requirement is if you have over 50 cc's you have to have a driver's license. There is no insurance required on them or anything. He needs to look up the law.

Missouri Law Section 307.195 states, "No person shall operate a motorized bicycle (scooter) on any highway or street in this state unless the person has a valid license to operate a motor vehicle."

California politics

How dirty can you get? When Gray Davis got on there with Jesse Jackson and holding hands and all this and that, and there he was, Jesse Jackson was counseling Bill Clinton for having affairs. Jesse Jackson came up and got a girl pregnant and now they're accusing Arnold Schwarzenegger of having all these affairs. How dirty can they get? Then Gray Davis is up there with Jesse Jackson, who had an affair which resulted in the birth of a child. And then they are putting Arnold Schwarzenegger down? He was a movie star. Naturally all the women went wild over him and now they're coming out lying on him.

Does anybody know?

Is it against the law to keep a dog confined in the house at all times? I know a boy who has several pit bull dogs and it seems like they're afraid to go outside, like they've never been outside before. Is this against the law?

Wasted time, energy

Charleston schools let out at noon Friday. The kids did nothing but roam the streets and alleys and tear up. They should have been in school learning how to talk.