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SpeakOut 10/13

Monday, October 13, 2003

Call 471-6636

Does anyone in this area have any remedies for getting fleas off a Rottweiler dog? I have tried everything anyone has told me about and I can't get rid of the fleas.

We called the Animal Health Center in Sikeston with your question. You get what you pay for. Good products used on a timely basis can break the flea life cycle. You need to treat the environment (i.e.: house and yard) as well as all the pets in that environment. Your veterinarian has the most effective insecticide to kill fleas.

Osama bin Laden is a fine man as compared to George Bush. Bin Laden killed 3,000 American people but Bush lied, lied, lied to the American people and got us into war with Iraq, which was no threat to our nation. Hundreds of our men and women have been killed (and are still being killed), costing the American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars and no telling how much more. Bush has gotten us into debt at least $600 billion, three million people out of work, his tax cuts are taking from the poor and working man and giving to the rich because now there is no money to help the needy and the working man is paying more tax on everything, plus income tax and college tuition have skyrocketed. If you are not worth at least $5 million, Bush thinks you are dirt. Don't be fooled by his talk. That is just to get votes. If he gets his way, millions will die because they can't afford medication that have skyrocketed because the pharmaceutical companies have paid Bush to allow them to charge what they want. He has forced the EPA to lower the pollution standards to allow the big companies to make more money so he can get big bucks under the table.

My wife needs to purchase less than half a load of good top soil to plant flowers. If anyone has any, please call 471-1474.