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Ghost in woods

Sunday, September 7, 2003

Become a ghost before and after you get to the woods. Out of all the methods this may be the best way to truly get close to deer.

The methods that you can do starting a month before the season opens is to eliminate what the deer rely on most - smell. No detail is too small. I believe in cleaning out your vehicle of dirt and other scents to help cut down on the scent getting on you when you are getting in and out of your vehicle during the season.

Second, stop wearing all cologne a month before the season opens. If you don't the only thing you are going to do is contaminate your vehicle again.

Most of you know this part - wash your hunting cloths in some type of scent removing soap. But if it is at all possible don't dry them in the drier. The smell of every day laundry will contaminate them again.

Try to put them outside on the line if at all possible. Hope for some rain and let dry again. Then keep them in a place free of odor or even place them in box of dirt and grass from the place you typically hunt.

Your boots also can be soaked down with a water hose and unscented soap and dried.

Don't forget to wash your hair with unscented shampoo starting a month before the season opens, and also start washing with and only with some type of unscented soap.

One of the best system's out today that I use is Hunter Specialties Scent-A-Way Laundry Detergent, Soap, Shampoo and Spray.

I believe it is all part of a system of scent elimination that is a must for bow hunting big whitetails.


When the season gets here, always fill up the truck the day before while you are still in your street clothes.

I also remember reading some article about what you eat and drink also can change your scent. Try not to eat any red meat or any other food that would increase you odor one or two days before you go hunting.

Never drink anything the night before that would increase your odor in the woods either.

The morning of the hunt, try to shower if at all possible with your hunting watch on, it can also hold scent of daily wear, if it is waterproof that is. At least, I recommend washing with rag if you don't have a shower handy.

Don't forget your mouth, most mouthwash is very good but has a strong odor that would not do well in the woods.

I do like the fact I can spray the Hawgs Vanish Hunter in my mouth to get rid of mouth odor from breakfast. It has a salty taste.

I also put on the day before and the day of B-Scent Free Extended Wear Deodorant from Johnson Labs, not many people know about this stuff, but it works great.

When I walk out that morning I spray legs, head, arms with Hawg's Limited Vanish Hunter Spray or Hunter Specialties Scent-A-Way Spray scent removing spray.

But the most important thing I can do is to find some place to kick dirt all over my lower legs and cover my boots. There is nothing made on this earth, like the scent from the place you are going to hunt to cover any scent left over.

I also wear just plain Rocky boots. But they only get worn deer hunting and for nothing else. To keep me from sweating during the early season in the afternoons I may stick my shirt, headnet and hat in water to keep me cool and keep my odor from drifting in the wind.


In a place that has a high mosquito population it is hard to keep still. You hate to put all the work above on staying scent free only to spray bug spray on. What do you do?

Most times if I am going to hunt an area like that, I will wear multiple layers of clothes to keep the mosquitoes off of me. But you get hot and they still some how find a way to stick that needle right in your back.

Well, you may think this is extreme, and your wife may never talk to you again. But this works.

Have you have seen the movie, Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger. When he takes the mud to hide his body heat. Well boys and girls, this is what I am talking about. If you are in a place that has mosquitoes then there is water and mud nearby.

I have rolled like a pig with my hunting clothes on. This does two things - it helps cover your scent and also closes the pours in your hunting clothes so that the little needle can't get through to your skin. Works great when you're down by the river or hunting the swamp lands of the south.


Over the last several years I can say I have not been winded, caught moving maybe but never winded.

I did see the up close the reaction I had with the Hawg's Limited Vanish Hunter Spray and Hunter Specialties Scent-A-Way Scent Elimination System with a 8 point buck within 10 feet of me on the ground and the wind in his face, the buck could not scent me, and I watched as he licked his nose trying so hard to figure what I was.

Even when a deer's eyes tell him that he sees something they will always trust their nose.


I believe becoming one with the woods is more important than deer scent that you can buy on the shelf. So each year I try out a new deer scent but in years to come I believe I am about to stop that. I have had a lot of bad results and only a few good results and only ONE great result testing out different deer scents each year.

I tried this deer scent out during last year season. To explain, I started using Hawg's Limited - Buck Fever Synthetics. Well I put out 10 mock scrapes using the Hawg's Limited Pre and Post Buck Fever Synthetic Scent in early September around the edge of the property, with no real major sign of any use until I went back at the start of October bow season.

WOW they opened up a scrape on the center of property. It has been over 10 years since they did that.

Another area had a some rubs, about the size of my thumb and just 10 feet away I put Hawg's Limited BF Gland on a cedar tree about the size of calf and wow they are just tearing it up, in less than a week's time.

Then before rifle season ever started I counted 52 rubs coming into and on the property. The Saturday before I put out a mock scrape on a trail using Hawg's Limited BF Fgland in a canister behind a stand and put the surveillance game camera on the trail going the other way.

Had four deer tracks in the scrape and no pictures on the camera. Hawg's Limited BF Fgland took the deer opposite way that I have seen them travel that trail in the past.

Saturday - Oct. 26, 2002, I put out the Hawg's Limited BF Rut at 6:30 a.m. in the scrape they started, had deer droppings and the scrape had been torn up when I got back to it about 9:30 a.m. Missed seeing the deer, but either way good sign.

Put some Hawg's Limited BF Fgland in a canister above the scrape and moved surveillance game camera to it on Saturday - Oct. 26 at 2 p.m. - and left then got back on Oct. 27 at 7 the next morning WOW one picture and deer dropping thrown out and scrape torn up.

By the time I had taken the pictures out of the camera had a very nice 8-point buck hit the scrape in less than five days. Even ripped the canister off the limb with it's teeth and flipped the limb upside down which you can see in one picture but no longer in the next picture. The canister was about 2 feet away with teeth marks in the side. Hawg's Limited BF Fgland out of all the scents seems to get the most results.

It is a worth letting the other hunters out in the country know how great all these product are. I will be using these products next year for sure.

Since you don't see this scent in local stores. I had to first check out Hawg's Limited - Buck Fever Synthetics online to learn about their product www.hawgslimited.com then I order it over the phone at (888) 282-4294 either way you can get information about Hawg's.

You will have to decide for yourself what works and what does not. These are things I have used and have had success. I will not bash someone's product no matter how bad of job it does.

But, I will give praise to any company or any product, which I think can make a difference in a hunt.

Hope to see you in the woods this weekend. horntagger.