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Al Sharpton failed at school protest

Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Did anyone notice what our favorite politician, the Rev. Al Sharpton, did to show his support for a school boycott in St. Louis Monday? Well Al showed up as he promised. And then he led a group of about 100 protesters in a march to the Board of Education offices. Well, to be more accurate, the good Rev. Al walked a couple of blocks where he had a car waiting. He then hopped into the car and left. He has not been seen since.

It's just way too easy to make fun of Al Sharpton. He is the epitome of phoniness though, to his great credit, he actually believes the garbage that comes out of his mouth. You have to give him credit for that at least.

Here's my brief and obvious point. The St. Louis schools are $90 million in the red and desperately need good attendance to help state and federal funds flow into their district. But most of the city residents there are very familiar with taxpayer dollars flowing into their hands to help them out of one situation or another. So to them at least, school attendance is less than important.

But picture this. Weeks of calls for this massive opening-day protest have been circulated in the media and even from church pulpits. Some there wanted to show their opposition to a new school plan by protesting on the opening day. Thus comes the publicity-hungry Sharpton.

Now with 45,000 students in the school system and with all the hype that has been circulating and with the Rev. Al on hand to personally lead the protest, why did only 100 or so folk show up to illustrate their disgust?

Maybe Al doesn't have the star power he'd like to think he has. Or perhaps - and this is a stretch - maybe the overwhelming majority of the parents and students thought an opening-day protest was a meaningless, ill-founded, dumb idea.

P.S. Has anyone seen Al? He was last spotted in a luxury car heading to another protest somewhere.

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