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Monday, October 13, 2003

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People with big mouths, such as Rush Limbaugh and Tony Heckemeyer, really have a hard time keeping their foot out, don't they?

Mike, I don't agree with you on too many things, but you are right on target on revamping the Christmas Campaign. What started out, to your credit as a good deed for the community, has been taken advantage of. Just as the welfare system started out in this country to help the most unfortunate in our country. Both have been ruined by people who want to work the system. I see now where the Bush administration is providing billions of taxpayer dollars for fees-based initiatives even though Congress said, "No way." Bush sidestepped Congress by making the money available through grants. The same taxpayer money funds the grants but with less oversight. I might step on toes here, but I think the Crosslines program I see starting up here in Sikeston is just another form of welfare, this time through churches. I'm sure it is being started by well-meaning Christians trying to help, but a giveaway program by any name is still just a giveaway program. We'll have another entitlement program funded by hard working taxpayers on top of a bloated government welfare program.

I watched the debate between Tommy Thompson and a CNN newscaster about the drugs people are getting out of Canada. I, for one, am a person getting drugs from Canada because I have a terminal illness. In the United States, the drugs would have cost me $2,700 a month and I can get them from Canada a lot cheaper. I'm not rich by any means. But nobody knows what it's like to have multiple sclerosis or another debilitating disease where you can't afford it. They say there's a 1-800 number. That's true and sometimes they will help you. I have a friend who has cancer and is with a research center and they do help her, but she pays a copayment on that, still. You don't know. Yes, there is a danger in it, but I can get some medicine for less than half price and some for one-fourth of the price in this country. What are we supposed to do? Instead of condemning us for doing it, why doesn't somebody do something to help? This country is headed for nothing but total chaos and nobody seems to understand that. We're losing jobs hand over fist, we're losing medical benefits hand over fist and now they want to take away overtime? Instead of getting on a political high-horse, telling us what we should do as Americans, why don't they see what they can do? We were wrong, true, when we voted yes. That was our choice and we were wrong. We thought it would make a difference. Our country is headed for worse than the depression ever was.

I see where the Supreme Court can be used for religious schools. What about the people who send their children to a religious or private school having to pay public school tax? I don't think it's fair if they can't use public funds for private schools.

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