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Speakout 2/20

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Bring service to town

The following is an excerpt from the Mayo Clinic Health Letter concerning cardiac rehabilitation: "A Mayo Clinic study found that people who participated in a medically supervised exercise program, after having had a heart attack, improved their chances of surviving at least three years by more than 50 percent. The study published in the Sept. 1, 2004, issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology involving more than 1,800 people who had had heart attacks between 1982 and 1998." I have had cardiac rehab in a Cape Girardeau hospital. Every hospital in this area (Dexter, Kennett, Cape and Perryville) all have cardiac rehab. Sikeston does not. I would like to know why not.

"We are in the process of putting a proposal together for the MDMC Executive Board," said Charles Ancell, Missouri Delta Medical Center president. "We hope to have cardiac and pulmonary rehab ready to go in 4-6 weeks."

I was contacted today and was told I had been chosen to receive this great offer. The guy wanted to know if I had an active checking account. I told him I do not give out that information over the phone. He was very, very persistent about getting my checking account information. After refusing to give it to him several times, he cut the conversation short and hung up. Please let you readers know, do not give out any personal information over the phone.

Thank you for alerting the community.

SD website

If there is going to be a newspaper online, you really should keep it updated daily. Not everyone gets a daily subscription in the paper form, instead some get ours via internet. Just a little tidbit of info there.

Our website includes front page news, obituaries, births, SpeakOut, letters to the editor, editorials, lifestyles and classified advertising and is updated at approximately 6 p.m. daily Monday through Friday. The Sunday edition is posted to the website on Monday morning. Try hitting your "refresh" button.

I was reading the quest pages and other items in the Standard Democrat online. By accident, I found that I could go to the SHS Classmate Online and register and keep in touch with other classmates. It was put in by someone at the Standard. I think it is marvelous. The only problem is that there is a total of three people from the Class of 1970. I know for a fact that there are a lot of them still living around here. I don't believe people are aware that this website exists. It would be beneficial as a newspaper to tell the public about it. It would also help to get contributors to it. Not everyone needs to help support it. I am sure there would be more to check it out if they knew of its existence. Please help the public find out about this wonderful site. It is a good way for everyone to keep in touch with old friends. I am a 1970 graduate and formerly of Sikeston. Come on, all you 1970 graduates! Check it out. It would be so much easier to keep in touch for class reunions.

You did not provide us with the website you referred to, however, we found www.graduates.com (the home page said it's free).

Consumer information

If anyone has had any problem with their telephone company like adding internet servers on their phone bill without their permission, they can go to www.fcc.gov and type in search complaint 475 and fill that out. Hopefully it will resolve the problem.