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SpeakOut 10/1

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Call 471-6636

At what point do we stop the building and environmental destruction? When there is no air-able land left, no water unpolluted, no air worth breathing? When are we going to have a need-based economy as opposed to a banker greed based economy. When will the elite coffers be full enough? I know (and you do, too), don't you, Mr. Editor? You and the rest of your elite wannabes and toadies? You're going about it in a less obvious way, so you think, to Americans, that is. The rest of the world knows. You won't succeed, you know, and if you do, it will be a bitter victory. You think eternally every member of your family will be safe. I can guarantee that eventually some member of yours or the other elite or elite wannabe families will suffer too.

I am calling about a prominent motel in Sikeston. I am from St. Louis and was at this hotel over the weekend for a family reunion. We saw rats in the rooms, roaches. We had holes in the walls. We called for maintenance and come to see about the leaking water from the toilet. We had no assistance. We asked for the general manager to come and the only person who did come to assist us were the housekeepers, who were very nice and offered excellent help. But those ladies had very few of the supplies they needed. They said the supervisors had been asking the hotel owner for the lack of materials they have, like towels, wash cloths, soap. They were lacking a whole lot because the hotel owner is too cheap to assist these hardworking ladies who worked their tail off to do their jobs. They need to hire some new maintenance people because the ones they have now are lazy.

Most hotels leave brochures in the rooms. If there was one in your room, you should register a complaint with the main headquarters of the chain. The information should be on your brochure (or try to find it on the Internet).

I want to say "Amen" to "Time for change" and thank you for someone having guts enough to say it.

To Michael Jensen on the WKRP episode of the turkey giveaway, my husband has been dead almost six years, but I can still hear him laughing over the scene with the turkeys, and remember the station manager saying, "God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!"

The call about the "Wrong sale" where the wrong lamps were sold didn't say what town this was in. It was at 312 Scott Street in Morehouse. If the person who bought the lamps will return them I will refund their money because I sold the wrong lamps.