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Speakout 9/7

Sunday, September 7, 2003

In regards to some comments about "no man's land" of Parma, as a resident, yes, everything you commented on is very true. There is more wrong with this town of "no man's land" than drugs. Gambling machines are being played for cash by one employee of the business. Go in on Sundays and stand in line to be waited on because employees own the machine. Loan sharking is big there, also.

Whether an ex-president's wife brings beer into the White House or not is strictly her business. All this finding fault stuff is for the birds. All that really matters is what the President does, not members of his family. He should be intelligent, fair minded with good judgment, well-balanced mentally, gracious, good personality and a sense of humor, but most importantly, he should be a good manager, good with figures and good at balancing his check book.

If you want proof, e-mail the White House and ask if there is beer and alcohol back in the White House, since the Bush's have taken over. Did you ever live in Texas? If you did, you would know his name real well, and his girls are in trouble continuously. If you want proof, read the paper and listen to national news. I'm sorry that you're so slow that you didn't hear the news the time that she was on national TV and said that, yes, there would be beer and alcohol back in the White House. I'm sorry you didn't hear it, but if you know Barbara Bush and Laura Bush that well, just call and ask them. They'll tell you. As a matter of fact, I think his mom is probably a fine person and his wife tries to be. But if that's what he wants, that's what he gets. What you see is what you get. Just e-mail the White House and they'll answer your questions.

I liked the SpeakOut rebuttal about the gay issue. I think it's being shoved down our throats. People are people and I believe we all have to look at ourselves in our own glass houses. As far as the Bible goes, yes, it does say it is sin, but gay people can love Jesus and Jesus can love them just as much. Jesus never turned his back on anyone. So whoever said gay people need to find Jesus and they will change is really stupid, because Jesus loves everyone. Whether you are gay or street is between you and the Lord and it is not up to you or me to pass judgment. We all have to work out our own salvation.

I think we should all say "hooray" to our great President. What a great job he is doing. I would like to thank him personally for all the jobs we have in the United States. I would like to thank him for all the jobs he has gotten for us to go into, for all the plants he's opened since he's been in office. I also want to thank him for these low gas prices that we have and want to thank him for raising the minimum wage since he's been in office. I know he can't help the prices on gas or anything else since he doesn't have any oil wells himself or any stock in them. He's very poor, so I would just like to thank him for the great job he's doing. I want to thank our President for the $500 billion deficit he's gotten us into. We want to thank him for that, too. Our country is in fine shape. Thank you, Mr. Bush. That's the way to go. Keep on going.

I figured how to beat the gas prices. I think a group of people should buy a station and license to buy gas and not sell any to anyone except the group of people who bought the station and sell gas to them only at cost, because the federal government and service station owners are ripping all of us off on gas prices. Now the stations can charge you as much as they want to, no matter what they pay for it.

I'm getting sick of tax hikes in Sikeston. It's ridiculous and it's pitiful. I think if the city of Sikeston would collect all the taxes that other people owe them, they wouldn't have to raise our taxes. This is very, very unfair and very crooked.

Wal-Mart carts are always pushed and shoved into people's cars and trucks, scratching them up. Why don't they get a motorized machine to pull those carts in? It's just too hard for those young guys to tug on those things. They do have them at other Wal-Mart stores. Why don't they do like Aldi's? Put a quarter in, get your cart and when you take your cart back, you get your quarter back. That would eliminate the problem.

Wal-Mart welcomes suggestions from its customers. Call a manager at the Sikeston store at 472-3020 with your suggestion.