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SpeakOut 10/3

Friday, October 3, 2003

Call 471-6636

I recently visited a young man's home to request a favor of him. To my surprise, he had to turn me down on my request and the reason was because he was confined to a chair with his leg broken in several places, due to a motorcycle accident. After talking to him for some time, I finally asked enough questions to find that he would be off work until late November with no pay of any kind. If memory serves me correctly, this is the same young man who is always first to jump to try to coordinate some kind of benefit when other people in town have a family loss or in a home tragedy, or even a joyful moment, that may need financial help. I just thought I might bring this to the attention of the Morehouse citizens because we all know who this young man is.

Someone was wanting someone to paint their house. Instead of painting, why don't you put siding on it? Call Bob Bradshaw in Morehouse, 667-5288 or (800) 262-2297. He has been in service for years.

Speaking of dependencies, what does Mr. Editor think of 20 million middle- and upper-class Americans being on mood-altering drugs, such as Zoloft and others which are known with extended use to cause paranoia? Let us speak of subsidies that keep certain favored people in this society from being real free marketers, such as insider information and jobs provided, Section 8 landlord subsidies (let's not kid ourselves, they're not subsidies for poor people); crop subsidies, the infamous corn for cars subsidies, IRS tax loopholes and, lest we forget, the cocaine but not crack free ticket to the hospital instead of prison loophole. Would Mr. Editor give me the city, county and state statistics on how many people need work and exactly how many jobs really are available (not application stock piling) and if those jobs pay a minimum wage or a living wage with health care and retirement?

Talking about speeding north of town, they do that right here in Sikeston. They drive like they're going to a fire and one of these days, somebody is going to get killed!

I would like to SpeakOut about disrespectful people. Today, at the Cotton Carnival Parade, I saw someone on a float give someone in the audience the finger. I think that was very rude - very. I would like to see a little more respect.

To Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church, you had the most beautiful float, and I for one cannot understand why you didn't get the grand prize. Something is wrong somewhere. You had the most beautiful, original float. You did a great job. Thank you! I just don't understand why they didn't award you the grand prize.

I am calling about the Ku Klux Klan that was in the Standard Democrat recently. I agree that no organization should be racial, but is the KKK any different than the NAACP? Everybody wants to make something a racial issue but we're all people, and we should be judged on who we are, not what color we are. That goes for white and black.

It just frosts my cookies the way the post office and state workers treat the public around here. It's just unreal, and they work for us. Fire every one of them.