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Speakout 6/24

Sunday, June 24, 2007

This is a Speakout on the cell phone use in Sikeston to pass an ordinance. I don't think it is a good idea. What is Sikeston becoming where we can't have whatever we want to do. They are putting all these ordinances in just to help pay for whatever Sikeston wants to do - build a new police station or what else. I think if Missouri passes it, that is one thing, but not the city of Sikeston.

- - -

This is on the cell phones. The state of Missouri should be the one to pass the law, not the city of Sikeston on the cell phone use in a vehicle. Have they had any accidents because of this? I have not heard of any. Maybe they need to start getting people for running or rolling through stop signs. This happens to me all of the time and that is where most of the accidents happen. If it does pass are the cops going to get tickets, too? Because I see them on theirs all of the time. Did you forget that this is a free country or I thought it was.

Seniors first

As I write this I'm watching KFVS and just heard that dear Mr. Blunt signed another bill to help education. This time giving money to schools. Earlier this month he was at the River campus signing a bill for the university. Well, where is he getting all this money? Answer: from the taxpayers, who else. I don't see him signing a bill to pay better salaries to nursing home employees or home care agencies or to make life easier for those old people who worked so faithfully and paid taxes all their lives. Now, they hardly get any back. Medicare and Medicaid we have made a total mess of. As I said before let the schools be last and the seniors first.

I was reading in your sports page about the Sikeston Junior Legion placing fourth in the Fulton, Ky., tournament. I just wanted to let you know that there was another Scott County team that played in that tournament, Post 369. They actually won the tournament.

Coaches are encouraged to call the Sports Department at 1-800-675-6980 or locally, 471-6980.

I'm trying to find one to three acres of land outside of Sikeston. If someone has some land to sell they can call 620-4520. I appreciate it.

I know this is in Speakout nearly every day about people running their dogs over other people's yards and belongings. They bring their dogs down the road and they stop at your house and let them wet on every flower you have got. I'm 92 years old and I try to keep my yard up and they bring the dog on the leash and just stop and let it do its thing all over my flowers, my trees. Everything I have got is ruined. I'm tired of it. If they want that dog to act like it is a baby, they out to take it out to a riverbank and live out there, then they could take it off the leash and it could pee all it wanted to and not hurt other people's stuff. I'm getting tired of it. There ought to be a law against it. Some of these people they get whatever they want and they don't care about the other people's stuff. I would like to have this in Speakout and maybe they will take a hint and keep their stupid dog where it belongs.