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SpeakOut 4/29

Friday, April 29, 2005

Call 471-6636

I thought it would awfully nice of Drew Juden reminding people in the newspaper about the law. However, I think reminding them is not the object. They know the law. They choose to not obey the law and the police choose not to enforce the law as they should every time accurately. I notice a discrimination in between the people. These laws are ongoing. It is so noisy on my street that my windows are shaking already. I dread to see the summer days coming because this is only the beginning. How can these people afford to ride around with the gas prices so high? They cannot be working the way they are riding around yet we who work and try to rest at night and work in the day can hardly afford to drive to our jobs because of the price of gas yet these people are constantly riding around in circles and disturbing us. So Drew Juden thanks for reminding us of the law, now start enforcing them.

This Speakout is on elderly abuse. What good is law enforcement when they don't enforce the law? It is a sad day in America when the court system gives probation to a guy who comes into a home of a 68 and 69-year-old couple and beats the woman and stomps the man. Where is the justice in this case? Not only was this couple physically hurt but they were also emotionally scarred, disrespected, permanently bruised and let down by the system that was suppose to protect and serve them.

I have a 36-year-old daughter that right now hasn't been able to work because she has two little children and she is got one little baby that her daughter had that she is having to care for. Recently about five, six, seven months ago they pulled out of her teeth because her teeth were bad. Medicaid paid for this, now then at the last minute, she had an appointment to go in on the 22nd of this month. Now they tell us Gov. Blunt has knocked off the dentures for her. Now my daughter doesn't have any dentures. I don't know what to do about this. She is a young girl. Can somebody give me some information about what we can do from here. Leave your phone number in Speakout for me. I'm very concerned about this young lady. She can't get a job without her teeth. No one wants her in public. Please if you can help, help us.