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Speakout 4/22

Friday, April 22, 2005

I have a question for Mr. Bush and Mr. Blunt. If they cut out Medicaid and us elderly people have to go into nursing homes. Who is going to pay for this if I only draw $600 a month. Will it pay for nursing home care and my medicine and my care in nursing home? Who is going to pay for this. I'm one of these people and it has worried me and is making me sick. What will I do? Maybe Mr. Jensen you can answer this question since you are against Medicare and Medicaid. Are you going to help pay for my care in a nursing home?

I would like someone to explain to me, these three people from Charleston who were making meth. How do they get off with only five years probation? Another person got picked up for drinking and driving and they had to pay a fine and go to jail for so many months or years. Something is wrong with our system. I'm missing something. Please explain to me.

Why does the media think we want to see Michael Jackson every day after day for weeks? The press chooses the celebrities we see. We would rather see and read more interesting and original. Sure we can turn it off but we keep hoping for some good news.

Open door policy? "Not in Miner." When the mayor and aldermen are campaigning they all claimed they would have an open door policy. If this is true, then why at the monthly city council meeting was the meeting closed so abruptly? Why was the floor not opened to all the citizens in attendance? I attended so I could watch the newly-elected officials be sworn in. They stood with their backs to the citizens that voted them in office. I feel if they start their terms this way it is the way they will be the entire term with the backs to the people who voted them in office. Why was the public not informed of the arson fire last weekend of Randy Baker's truck? Apparently this prompted the mayor and council to want two police offices on duty at all times. I feel the are afraid for their own property is the only reason they want two officers on duty. When they feel less threatened will they go back to just one officer on duty? They haven't worried about the rest of the residents' safety or, even worse, the single officer that is on duty by himself. I feel as citizens of Miner we should be heard by our elected officials.

The truck fire is under investigation, according to Miner Police Chief Roger Moore. "The fire marshal who is handling the investigation has advised us not to make any comments to the media until the investigation has been cleared by them," Moore said and advised those who seek more information should contact the fire marshal's office in Cape Girardeau. Moore also confirmed that he and the mayor met Sunday and agreed to double up police coverage for awhile. As for insisting members of the public be placed on the agenda before having a voice at the Board of Alderman meetings, Missouri's "Sunshine Law" requires items for discussion or action by the Board in open session must be posted on a tentative agenda 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

Has this town got no sense of history. I just drove down Kingshighway and my heart almost broke. When I looked across from the unemployment office and saw they were tearing down that old church. We need to restore our history. Sikeston has gone demolition crazy.