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SpeakOut 7/30

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Call 471-6636

I totally agree with the person who said Bush is trying to shove democracy down everybody's throats. He's also trying to shove the war by trying to make everybody afraid.

I fear snakes so much and I would like to know if one gets into your house, what would make them come into your house. How can you tell if a snake is in your house? Are there any poison snakes in Sikeston? I've been hearing of several people finding snakes in their houses lately. I would like to be aware if a snake gets into mine. Can someone please answer this? I'm so afraid.

We spoke with Animal Control Officer Ken Fowler about your concern. He said although there are poisonous snakes in Sikeston, in his 12 years as animal control officer, he has never seen one inside a home. He said if snakes wind up in someone's home, it's usually because they are looking for a cool location where they can escape the heat or they are chasing a predator, such as a mouse. Anyone who finds a snake in their home should call him at city hall during business hours (471-2512) or DPS after hours and on weekends (471-4711).

I would like to express my appreciation to Sav-A-Lot in Sikeston. The management and staff have an exceptional attitude. They were very supportive of a bake sale we had there. They supported us 100 percent and were very kind and nice to us. We are very appreciative of them.

I am happy to see the signs going up in the city warning against littering. I am in my 80s and always have to go out and pick up trash on Baker Lane and Kingshighway that people throw out all the time.

I live on North Ingram Street and I like what the mayor has done about the signs. I hope we get one on North Ingram because our street has a very big problem with litterers. Not one day goes by that someone doesn't go by and throw trash on our street, especially people who are hauling trees and limbs. When they go by, their trees and limbs fall out. Another thing, people need to learn to dial their phones. Every single day I get a wrong phone number, usually from the same people but sometimes from others too. People need to look at the numbers as they are dialing.

There is not one gas station in this one-horse town that checks the air pressure in tires. I am an elderly widow and would be glad to pay for this service. This whole country is turning into a Third World country.

What happened to Randall Kamm, the newscaster who was on KFVS?

Kamm no longer works for KFVS.