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Speakout 2/25

Friday, February 25, 2005

A word about the trash carts in Charleston, CWI, the carts will be used for dog houses and they will continue to burn their garbage and trash on the curb or in the alleys.

In response to the Democrat caller's personal note addressed to Mr. McMillen in a Feb. 17 SpeakOut, a few corrections: 1. John McMillen isn't angry; he's just witty. That angers Democrat distracters like you, so you engage in what is known as "transference." 2. Mr. McMillen would not be welcomed in Cuba as you say. He'd be imprisoned or shot, just as in your heart you'd like to do if you on the left could just amass more power. It's socialist liberal Democrats that the Communist thug Castro enjoys support from, not John McMillen. It's liberal Democrats working night and day to establish a Castro form of tyranny in America. That's your idea of utopia - again and example of your transference. 3. It's Democrats who accuse John McMillen of plagiarism. Now it appears Democrats are plagiarizing John's message trying to turn it back on him, but it won't work. It doesn't fit him. It fits you. 4. I think McMillen made it abundantly clear he doesn't need your permission or approval to write letters any time he feels like it. That's what he's always done, and I'm pretty sure will continue to do when it suits him, not you. 5. John McMillen is not the one who "comes apart at the seams," as you say. I think Mr. McMillen's pretty much proved he has it well together. Now stop plagiarizing him and stop attacking him. Do your own thing and he'll do his and we'll continue to note that it is you who looks silly and petty.

I would like to SpeakOut about someone turning my trash can over on Sunday afternoon and then, around 8:30 p.m., someone took the top off it and threw it down away from the trash can. I just happened to be out there and saw it happen. I was talking on my cell phone and then I called the police. They came right down but I decided not to press charges at that time. I wanted to wait and see what we can catch next.

I am calling about the suggestion that funeral homes provide stools for families. Why don't they do like they did years ago, when the families sat on the two front pews, people walked up, viewed the body and then walked back and talked to the family and left. Instead, everybody stands up there and talks for hours and you wait and wait and wait in line. That still helped, yes. But if they would go back to the way it used to be and have the family sit on the first pews, it would be a lot less congested.