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Speakout 4/18

Monday, April 18, 2005

This is concerning the article in the paper on April 8 about the martial artist who claims to be the second dually-world qualified instructor besides his master in this area. I have photocopy of an article from your newspaper a few years ago proclaiming a martial artist named Jason was the first dually world certified instructor other than his master in the surrounding area. I was just wondering why a business owner would lie about a thing like this.

This is about the comment in Friday's paper about acting inhuman and who is next. They need to read Michael Schiavo's letters. He loved the woman and stayed with her all those years. Leave him alone. If God has a problem with the way the situation was dealt with let God handle it.

- - -

This is on your Speakout, Sunday, April 10, on the comments of Terry Schiavo and the feeding tube. The husband married her. It says until death do you part. He did the right thing. Who are you people out there to judge this fellow? Calling him adulterous husband. After 15 years if the parents didn't have charge of a grownup, her husband was liable for her. Get real people. Don't tell other people how to live their lives, live yours first. Another thing, the kid who got a spanking in school, probably deserved it. We got spankings when I was in school. Big deal. I deserved it. I didn't turn out bad. I'm not abused. People just want to let the kids run the way they want to. Sometimes a whipping can change their attitudes.

Shame on you for misspelling the citizen of the year's name. Either you didn't investigate too carefully or you didn't proofread your work. Chester Cardwell is not Chester Kordahl, who was the recipient of this award. Better apologize.

We did.

I hope my question is printed in your column because I really need an answer. How can you be deacon of the church if you run a nightclub?

We want Paul Phelps back at Sav-A-Lot. We need Paul.

Something about Sikeston' s cheerleading tryouts have always bewildered me. It is this: How the heck can girls who cannot show enthusiasm, pump up crowds with spirit and more importantly, tumble, make the cheer squad over girls who can? It takes hard work, dedication and talent to learn flips and stuff. So why can girls who can't do these things get selected to the squad over others that clearly can? This upsets me. It is self-esteem lowering for the hardworking girls who have put everything in to trying to be a cheerleader and have it taken away from someone who doesn't come close to their level of pure talent. It is very degrading to their confidence to know they will beat by a lesser talent. This is why Sikeston needs to have professional people who know talent when they see it brought in to judge these cheerleading tryouts. To heck with the 70-some odd years of tradition with them doing that. Who ever thinks this is the best way to choose cheerleaders in Sikeston is lying to themselves. Times to change and they need to change the way the Sikeston cheerleaders are chosen.

You people who are constantly running down the people on Medicaid and the people are helped by the local family support office should study a little bit the welfare reform act that was put into place by President Clinton before you make your comments. People who do not work, do not get help. You either have to work or be looking for work. If you want to run somebody down, you should get your facts straight first.