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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

Your view: A Poet's View

Friday, February 4, 2005

To those of you who so despise,

The words you say I plagiarize.

Let me say 'I feel your pain.'

It's fun to hear you-all complain.

I notice you parroting your party's lines,

Fed to you each day from the N.Y. Times.

"Kennedy/Boxer Rebellion" another failed coup'

Just a pitifully staged show for stooges like you.

Just another losing scripted battle,

where truth, and reason seldom rattle,

nor' resonate between those tenured ears.

Just commercial platitudes we've heard for years,

crafted to deceive and cover their rears.

Disparaging and slandering Condi Rice?

I find little in that, that's true, or nice.

I remember too, more than once or twice,

a continuous spew of venomous lies,

from shrews like you for Clinton and wife.

Is it "content of character?"

Or, "color of skin?"

Why you so hate her,

For the position she's in?

Is it cause she 'scaped the Lib's plantation,

in pursuit of her own self-determination?

You liberals talk a real good game

But when it comes to walking, you're kind-a-lame.

Whether Negro, Hispanic, Arab, or Jew,

crafty words manipulate their votes for you.

But when it comes to sharing the crown,

You make darn sure you keep 'em down.

Then along comes Bush

Turning your words into deeds.

Then you all you tell us,

"He's the demon seed."

Your worn out rhetoric is tired and old

Having no affect on the brave and bold.

Your party's symbols are fading fast;

So fitting your emblem's - the stubborn Ass.

All of you there on the Leftist side,

come on scoff, jeer, and deride.

You, who so much for my silence yearn,

may yourself, your caustic hatred burn.

And may I invite you each to take a turn,

and kiss the end of this pachyderm.

John McMillen