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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

SpeakOut 3/27

Thursday, March 27, 2003

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I have been reading with interest about the Irish Travelers scam artists. For them to be able to do what they did, they had to alter that check dramatically. Why did the bank accept that check as it was without her initials being on the check where it was altered?

I have been corresponding with a young man from Iraq for over two months now. He feels now that he can open up and say what he truly feels. He says that Iraq is a terrible place to live because of Saddam and says that what America is doing is what Iraqi people want. He says that without U.S. intervention his country will never be safe. He said all that the Iraqi people want is to be a country that will be prosperous and happy. He said Thank God for the U.S.

I was at a local store the other day when a lady came in. There were some carts out on the parking lot that she went by as she entered the store. This lady appeared to be religious, according to the way she was dressed. She asked the store greeter, "Where are the buggies?" The greeter told her there were some at the other end of the store. The customer's reply was, "Well, you go get it. It's not my job to." If that's what religion is all about, and if being old gives you the right to be rude just because you're old, I hope I die tomorrow.

I am looking for a high school tutor who could help my child. I am willing to pay for this service which would require a few hours each week. Please leave a phone number in SpeakOut so I can call you (we live in East Prairie).

I'd like to talk to people who own cats in Sikeston. There are a few stray dogs in Sikeston, but the cats are driving people crazy. Over around Wendell Apartments, those people don't have any place to put their cars. The cats get on them, they scratch them, get in the dumpsters, you see them crossing the streets. They're all over Sikeston and there's no law that says they can't run loose. Something needs to be done.

I feel that anyone who outwardly protests this war should be sentenced to prison for treason. This war is a just war and I thank God that Bush is in office and not Al Gore. That wussy would have never stepped up to this necessary action.

When I read of all the dumb people in the streets protesting, I can see how the human race has stooped. A lot of these people have no idea what it means to live free. If you lived in Iraq, you would be shot. I was discharged from service at age 20 with three years in the South Pacific in World War II. I would do it again for my kids and grandkids. I think the police should publish your name and address so we real Americans could boycott you.

As we all know, this is the first time the Republicans have been in power. I never heard all the terrible things I'm hearing from the Democrats now. They are really being nasty. They are jealous and saying some terrible things about our President. He's doing a good job. All of us should be with him during this war thing. Forget he is a Republican and for once, be a good American.

If this is Bush's War, let Bushy-Boy pay for the war. Why should we pay? He's the one who wanted the war. So let it come out of his pocket - not ours.

Get real, you bumpkin! We all share the price of freedom, even those who obviously are too dumb to appreciate it!