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Speakout 3/14

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I just wanted to know if there is some sort of scam going on around town? I keep getting people knocking on my door at night, asking me to give them a ride here or a ride there. They do not seem to have any social skills at all. One of them actually asked me tonight, if I'd give her a ride, three blocks over! I mean, are there a lot of burglaries being reported, or maybe cars being stolen? I just find it odd. This has happened about three times now, in the last year.

I see where the mayor is still trying to stop the trains from coming through Sikeston. The railroad was there long before Sikeston. The city was asleep at the wheel when it didn't get the overpass built. It's not the railroad's fault, it's the city's fault. We've got to move the grain and the lumber. We can't have it holed up for the trucks to haul. They are tearing the roads all to pieces now. Trains are the best way to go. Wake up city of Sikeston. Your head is in the sand.

First of all, my family sends its condolences to the family of Dana Reeve. This is a very sad time for her family. We were just watching a special. First we watched Larry King and then this other program and they were wondering what they were doing with these taxes on cigarettes. They should strictly be going for lung cancer. The taxes on condoms should go for prostate cancer, taxes on chewing tobacco for mouth cancer, taxes on bras for breast cancer, so that you would take the tax for each category and the tax would go for each one connected with that cancer. I think we have a real good idea.

Chris Moore, I think you are mistaken in your assessment of some of the Scott Central fans and their actions in Clarkton. What you saw was not Scott Central fans rubbing our victory in the faces of Clarkton fans. What you were seeing was our girls team celebrating their uncontested division title. This shouldn't offend Clarkton fans because they don't have a girls team. I don't believe any of our boys or any of our adult fans were involved in that particular huddle. I can see how some Clarkton fans might misinterpret what happened, but I don't think the girls teams and a few of their classmates were trying to show up Clarkton. Again, the girls team didn't even play Clarkton. They just got handed a big Missouri state trophy on the court. How do you expect kids to act at a trophy presentation? The girls didn't have a locker room to take it to because they weren't even playing. Did the Sikeston boys take their celebration to the locker room when they won the district or the sectional? I bet not. In fact, I heard that one of the players at the Sikeston game went to the Notre Dame student section and wagged his finger at the students. But I guess you wouldn't report about that would you?