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Nobody asked me but ...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Nobody asked me but...what type of voodoo curse does the Charleston boys basketball team have over Sikeston? No matter how dominant the Bulldogs may be, or how down the Bluejays are, if it is Charleston vs. Sikeston, mark it down for the 'Jays.

What has happened to the once-proud Sikeston Bleacher Bums? It is a sad commentary on the Bums, that you can count their attendance at Tuesday night's game against Fredericktown on one hand. Guys, is there a big study group on Tuesday nights? Wake up gentlemen, this year's team is pretty good. Get out and support your team and classmates!

That goes for you too Red Peppers. You're the oldest pep group in the state, but I only counted two Peppers at the girls basketball game on Monday. Hey Bums, Sikeston has a pretty good girls team and this just in, their is nothing wrong with boys cheering on the girl's team.

Take some cues from the boys from Dexter and Doniphan. They are not too proud to root on their girls, no matter the locale.

Back in the good ole' days at Sikeston, the Bums came out in droves and were loud and rambunctious the entire game. The Peppers filled their section of bleachers, from top to bottom. Now, the Peppers are lucky to fill half of their section. Together, the two groups could actually play a role in taking the opposing team out of its game.

The Doniphan-Dexter girls basketball game is fast becoming one of the hottest rivalries around, no matter the gender. Last Thursday's game was a two-point thriller won in the waning seconds by the Donettes. I believe if Dexter had a healthy Haylee Finch, the result would have been in the Lady Bearcats' favor.

Andrew Halford of Risco, should get some consideration for All-State in Class 1 if he continues to play at the level he is currently playing. The last two games, Halford has scored 31 and 32 points, respectively and he's averaging over 20 points per game.

If Pete Rose is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame, then that is one place that has no credibility. Rose is the all-time hits leader in baseball, and yes he did commit the cardinal sin in baseball, by betting on games. However, I don't think the Hall is full of outstanding characters who are above reproach.

Andre Dawson got robbed for the HOF. Dawson got his 450 plus homers the natural way, and should be rewarded. Dawson was the MVP in 1987 and was the best player to ever come out of the Montreal Expos organization.

If Mark McGwire gets elected to the HOF next year, I'm going to puke. The only way the word "natural" is linked to McGwire is if it is the type of beer he drinks.

If Carson Palmer stays healthy for the Bengals last weekend against the Steelers, then Cincinnati would be playing this weekend. Isn't it an unwritten rule in football that you don't hit below the knees? Yes, you didn't ask me but, it was a cheap shot.

And finally, nobody asked me but...this weekend in the NFL playoffs will offer a few surprises. New England is peaking at the right time and will defeat the Broncos on the road, 28-24.

The Colts will advance to the AFC Championship on the arm of quarterback Peyton Manning. Indianapolis will unleash an aerial attack not seen since the Rams heyday, and will destroy the Steelers, 41-17.

In the NFC, the upset special of the week will be when the Redskins invade Seattle and win a defensive battle, 17-13. Washington's defense will swarm and contain Seattle's running back Shaun Alexander.

Carolina will work the passing attack against Da Bears, as wide receiver Steve Smith will have a big game. Panther defensive end Julius Peppers will be in the backfield all day, and quarterback Rex Grossman of Chicago will have no answers. Panthers win 24-14 over Chicago.