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Speakout 10/18

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I don't care where you go in this country. If there is a parade there will be trash. Sikeston is no different so, get over it, or better yet, help clean it up.

For the people who found the two pairs of shoes and the bag full of notebooks at the car wash at North Ingram and Linn. The shoes were being gathered for Christmas for Katrina relief for us to hand out at Christmas time through our church. If found, could you please return to Stan's Carpet. My number is 667-5092.

I'd like to know if any of you readers know where you can get the recipe for the old fashioned mince meat pies that are made with real meat, not fruit? If anybody knows of a recipe, please put it in the paper.

This is to the people in Speakout. Can you tell me what a fool is? Can you tell me what a hypocrite is? How about like a busy body or a judge? Who is the judge? Do you all know? Do you read your Bible? Thank you.

It was on television this morning on the interview with Mr. and Mrs. Bush down in Louisiana. They asked him how come the people down in Louisiana and Mississippi are going to have to pay to have their houses rebuilt. It will have to be paid off in five years, or maybe another couple of years. But the war in Iraq, they're building Iraq right back, and they don't have to pay that back. How stupid can you be? Mr. Stupid said, Mr. Bush, "Well, there has been deaths." Well, there's been deaths in Mississippi and Louisiana. How stupid can he be? He is an ignorant man. I usually don't watch or listen to him. Every time I do, he says more stupid and ignorant things. Every question he is asked, he doesn't know. He stammers and stutters and don't make a lot of sense. She is very dumb, also. I can't wait until he's out of office. I hate looking at the stupid idiot.

I am outraged about the comments made in black history. The article implied that the color of her skin and where she was from had something to do with her winning the title. I agree she deserved to win. She won because of her poise, grace and beauty. This contest is not judged on where you are from. It doesn't matter where she lives and it doesn't have anything to do with her home life or her family. Also, I'm sure the people that called in this article are the same ones that blame everything on the white man. I personally am sick and tired of hearing how bad the blacks are treated. Racism goes both ways and this article proves it. If I had written about white history and not included another race, I would have been racist. Well, what do you think you are? If anything, I feel like the white population is being discriminated against.

This is in regards to the flag case. You can purchase one at K's Merchandise in Cape for about $20. They are nice with wood and a glass front.