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Nobody asked me but . . .

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Nobody asked me but...the Sikeston High School football team is playing with fire by continuing to play the annual "soap game." The argument to get the kids ready for contact under the lights is negated by the possibility of injury to a player. For instance, in Sikeston's 1994 football season, star wideout, Steven Geralds, was lost for seven regular season games after suffering a broken collarbone in the '94 "soap game."

Sikeston, like most teams in the area, already plays in a jamboree scrimmage and, to me, playing in two exhibition games does not make sense. I understand that the "soap game" is a tradition in Sikeston and if the game must take place, I suggest an alternative to the soap theme.

For instance, Jackson High School has the "Gatorade game" in which fans bring Gatorade bottles for admission. Gatorade would be used more often than a bar of soap.

Nobody asked me but...Class 2, District 1 will be an exciting district to watch in the upcoming football season. With the likes of Caruthersville, East Prairie, Malden and Portageville it could be the most competitive district in the area. Caruthersville has its running back, Kendrickus Reed, and quarterback, Keith Creekmore back from its semifinal team of a year ago.

Malden has Trey Porter in the backfield at running back. Last year Porter was a 1,000-yard rusher and word is that even bigger things are expected this year.

East Prairie will also be strong in the running back area with 1,000-yard rusher Dez Johnson back to wreak havoc on opposing defenses.

Portageville will have good athletes on both sides of the ball and will look to upset the favorites at this point, Caruthersville and Malden.

Caruthersville should come out of the district but look for Malden to give them a good run.

Nobody asked me but...I am looking forward to the upcoming hockey season. It will be nice to see the Blues back on the ice in the Savvis Center. For all the hockey haters out there I say just attend one Blues home game and see what you think. I acknowledge it is difficult to follow the game on TV, however, watching in person is a whole new experience.

Nobody asked me but...is ESPN becoming the next MTV? What is with all the poker and X-Games? Maybe I am not hip enough but those are not sports. Like MTV, where I once went for music videos but now can't even see one unless it is 4:00 in the morning, primetime for ESPN is becoming tough for me to find actual sports.

If ESPN is not showing poker or pole-sitting, they are beating to death the Terrell Owens story or showing a Yankees or Red Sox game.

Nobody asked me but...the best baseball movies of all time are: 1. "Eight Men Out," 2. "Long Gone," 3. "Field of Dreams," 4. "Fear Strikes Out," 5. "Bad News Bears." So why is Bull Durham not on the list? Well to be honest, I haven't seen that movie all the way through.

Nobody asked me but...NFL lineman are becoming too big for their own good. In 1994, only 144 lineman weighed 300 lbs. or more. Just 10 years later, 377 linemen weighed 300 lbs. or more.

Is it such a shock that an NFL lineman collapsed and died over the weekend?

And finally, nobody asked me but...please stop showing the Little League World Series on national television. Watching 12-year-olds play baseball seems like exploitation to me.

Every time a team loses you can bet a TV camera is there to catch a little boy crying his eyes out. In addition, it is difficult to watch the over-bearing coaches grab their 15 minutes of fame and hog all the spotlight. I for one have chosen to turn the channel and watch something more dignified, like poker!