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SpeakOut 11/30

Friday, November 30, 2007

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We were wondering why none of the Boy Scouts left bags for food on our doorsteps in Morley. We were going to donate because this is a worthy cause. With Governor Blunt cutting all the Medicare and Medicaid, a lot of the older people will not have a good Thanksgiving because of this.

Food left out on the doorstep in any bag would have been picked up. It did not have to be left in a bag from the Boy Scouts.

To answer Pass the gravy in Nov. 19 SpeakOut, I don't even think Governor Blunt needs bread and gravy, just let him drink water. He will know what these other people are going through everyday. He sits up there in Jeff City with fine china and food galore while other people are starving to death. Just give him water, don't worry about the bread and gravy.

I watched a report on TV about all these homes been foreclosed. Why don't they do something about people losing their homes. They have made a big down payment. They're losing their homes because they lost their jobs and mismanagement of the government. I think they need to get somebody else up there who knows what they're doing. There would be no home foreclosures if they would keep the jobs over here instead of sending them overseas. It's not because of poor credit. It's because all the jobs are overseas helping foreigners instead of people over here. Instead of punishing these people by foreclosing on the homes, they need to do something with the president and the governor. There the ones messing everything up.

I think it's pretty good that the Army can't even pay for some of these soldiers to come home for Christmas. They sacrifice their lives everyday for everyone over here. The president cannot see that they need some time off to be with their families at Christmas. He's not much of a Christian, he's not much of a man.

Hats off to the baseball players. If everybody could make the money they make, there would be no foreclosures at all. We'd all own homes and half the United States.

My compliments to the Missouri Department of Transportation. I saw them yesterday digging out some ditches just north of Charleston, highway ditches. The were using laser surveying equipment to see that they had the correct elevation as they dug the ditches. Now, that's the way to do a good job and I'm all for them. Thanks for doing it right.

I drove by Wendell Apartments today and there was a lady raking leaves. I can understand picking up trash, but raking leaves? There were more falling than she was able to rake.

Give her credit. We need more like her.