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Speakout 11/9

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

You probably won't print this, but I am so sick of the Democrats and the Republicans fighting. I won't claim a party. I'm an Independent. I am sick of people trying to make something humongous out of a party. God is in control of what is going on right now, and we need to wake up and realize that. I don't understand people. All they have to do is pick up their Bible and read it, and they will know what's going on. God didn't create this turmoil, we did. I betcha if the Democrats had their way, Bush would be blamed for the burning bush that Moses saw. And, we all know God started that Bush. I wished there was no party at all, just good, honest people that would do what's right.

Get it straight

Good afternoon. I would like to speakout to the individual who made comments that back then when the KKK held rallies, it was okay. Now they say when black people get together they are gangs and all that. Well, why'd they have that Million Man march? I guess that was just a rally. Who paid for that to take care of them? Taxpayers. What about those clowns in Cleveland that threw bricks and rocks at the cops after the whites decided not to march and they went on? They didn't bother anybody. Who tore up the cop cars? There's only a minute few that are a bunch of whiners. That's in every race. But don't come up and say whites this and whites that. You don't see whites here congregating and throwing bricks at the cops like a madhouse. So get your facts straight people.

Tell the hot blooded reader that her blood can stop boiling. The South Pemiscot school students that attended the maze, the corn maze, paid their own admission and bought their own meal. They also purchased their own school jackets themselves. They were not paid for with the taxpayer's dollars. Although, that reader and I may be familiar with our agriculture methods and the growth cycle of plants, these students even from our rural area have never experienced farm life as we knew it. Most grow up clueless to the changes of plants and even if they weren't, it was worth the experience to them to see what farm life is like.

Mike, you have to be extremely happy there with the Democratic party. It not, you would have to do a lot more research to write your editorials. Whatever goes wrong now, always, and I repeat always, started when Clinton was President. Talking about I didn't do, it wasn't my fault. Why don't the fact that Clinton eliminated the enormous deficit which was left by Reagan and the first Bush. Everything that is wrong with the political system is the fault of the Democrats. Apparently, the Republicans haven't or never have done anything wrong, dishonest or never made any mistakes. I maintain from the very start that George W. was too anxious to invade, yes invade Iraq, and I still believe that. Maybe if you tried hard enough, you could find just one case where a Republican did something wrong. It seems in your view the Republicans do nothing wrong and Democrats do nothing right. Also, it seems like you might be in the minority since the poll I saw that 35 percent approve of Bush. So apparently, you're on the down hill side, because there are more against you than for you.

Bye, bye Amy

I heard that Amy Jacquin is going to leave KFVS. Can you tell me if this is true or not?

According to KFVS, the reporter-anchor will sign off for the last time at the end of the 5 p.m. "Heartland News" on Nov. 11. After 11 1/2 years, Jacquin is leaving KFVS to work for GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical company. In her new job, she will be a pharmaceutical representative in Southeast Missouri.

Mike your speakout column just cracks me up. You say George Bush's financial dealings are held in a blind trust. Mike, things have changed a little bit lately. Maybe you haven't noticed but they're not called blind trusts anymore, they're called Frist Trusts. The only thing is, only a Republican can have a Frist Trust. Democrats still have to have blind trusts, but the Republicans can do whatever they want to do. Nothing is blind with them, is it?