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SpeakOut 3/28

Friday, March 28, 2003

Call 471-6636

When people go to a buffet line and it's one set price, people ask for a go box or have a little plastic bag, knowing full well that you cannot take food from the food bar home. Sometimes people who eat out will buy one food bar and then share. Two people cannot buy from the food bar as one meal. Customers think the servers don't notice this and then when the second meal is added to their bill, they become offended. These people know who they are. If you want to quit embarrassing yourself and the server, then pay for what you eat.

The senior citizens and homebound who depend on the Heritage House for meals in the Sikeston area understood that the Division of Aging in Cape Girardeau was going to take over and replace most of the employees at the Sikeston Heritage House, with some new applicants. What is going on? They are only replacing a few employees. This is why your Sikeston senior citizens' center has gotten into such a mess. Some of the good workers are losing their jobs and some of them have already left. Others who are staying should be the ones to go. Why don't the senior citizens SpeakOut, and the ones who contribute to this good cause.

In response to the March 20 SpeakOut, "Kudos to PSO," about the woman who bought a scanner so she could hear what's going on in Sikeston, you might as well just mind your own business in your home. A scanner isn't going to help out to find out about who's playing loud music. People have been playing music for over 25 decades. That's how the kids get to have fun. If the complaint is just about someone playing music, that's nothing. When people are getting shot, that is time to be concerned. I'd rather let them play their music instead of people going around shooting each other.

I lost a big black rear bumper black body molding with "SS" (super sport) on it on March 20 in Sikeston. If someone finds it, please call 472-4665.

Code officers, please get tough on people whose yards are full of junk. I'm tired of every time I go out my back door, I have to look at a junkyard. Inform them of the cleanup week and then get tough.

Monday and Thursday clean-ups will be April 7 and 10; Tuesday and Friday pickups will be collected on April 15 and 18.

I'm calling about the March 21 comments about the dog problem in Miner. I agree wholeheartedly. The cops don't do anything. Just a few days ago they stopped and made some attempts to take care of the problem here. Some people here in a certain part of town tied up one dog and left the others to run loose. The very same officer saw these dogs running loose. If these people tie up one dog, shouldn't they tie the other one up too? I don't dislike animals, but I'm tired of having those dogs in my yard. The reason I don't have a dog is because I don't want to have to keep one tied up and I won't have one running loose to bother other people.