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Speakout 3/30

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Where is the Sikeston Police Department? There is a 851 dirt bike and a blue Trans-Am that have been drag racing on Pam Street several times. Little kids live on this street. Can't something be done about this?

Residents can contact DPS and file a complaint. All information is kept confidential.

My mother used to say that it's the truth that hurts, and she was absolutely right.

According to Bob Scheefer in his book, "This Just In," he went to Vietnam and bought combat boots and clothing on the streets of Saigon from the black market people there. He outfitted himself to go out into the jungle when he got there. Soldiers were asking their captains, "When will the new boots and fatigues come in? I need boots now." The captain said, "I can't tell you when. They were supposed to be here last week." Will our men in Iraq and other places over there ask the same question and get the same answer? If so, where will the black market be out in the desert?

I am all for free speech, but these protesters in Chicago and places who are causing such a ruckus are keeping the police force all tied up. If there is a robbery across town, they won't be able to go to it because they're busy with these protesters who are trying to ask for peace, when something else is going on in town. If terrorists were to strike, our cops would be busy trying to get these peaceful demonstrations out of the way. They need to be peaceful and stay on the sidewalks and leave the cops alone.

I wish you would print a map of the holy land as it was in Bible days and as it is now.

To the protesters of the war, if Saddam Hussein sent a bomb over here and got right in the middle of them, they would holler, "Why didn't the United States do something?" I think they should sit up and take notice and support our troops.

I support and pray for our President. Yes, we have freedom of speech. Evidently, the Iraqis have not. Saddam had a chance to keep his people safe Instead, he chose to think of himself and his family only. He offered a big reward for anyone who killed one of our men, and an even bigger one for a captured one. Those who demonstrate and say negative things on the air and otherwise are encouraging the enemy and discouraging our troops. When this happens, they are not supporting our troops. I hope they are not hearing all of this over there.

The Iraq ambassador came on TV and said our prisoners are being treated humanely. What do you call it when they have their arms tied up and shoot them in the forehead? That's murder and those people will pay for murdering U.S. soldiers. To the protesters, just think, that could be one of your loved ones. They murdered those soldiers, and it's time we murdered them.