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SpeakOut 7/8

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Call 471-6636

Are there any single clubs in Sikeston where I could go to meet people?

There was a group called "Brighter Tomorrows" which was meeting for singles, however, the group disbanded due to lack of interest.

I am calling about the article, "Mismanagement will cost taxpayers" about the St. Louis Public Schools deal, I'm by that just like any other thievery. Somebody ought to go to jail over that. They probably set that up purposely.

I work with the team at Taco John's and we would like to thank the customer who was so nice to put the comment in the paper. Customers like this are who make our job so great. Thank you again.

When Missouri made the law that you couldn't throw anything on the side of the highways, I thought Sikeston would follow up on the same thing. I can remember when they had a sign that said $500 for littering. You didn't see littering in our town, but now people have just gone crazy. I was standing on the porch watching the clouds one day when it was coming up a storm. A car came by and a man threw a styrofoam cup in it with ice in it, right in front of my house. I went out later and picked it up. It makes me mad every time I see it because our town is looking terrible with all the littering going on. It's time to put a stop to it.

Does anyone know what has happened to Mary-Ann Maloney and Dave Courvoisier. Wish they were back.

Mary-Ann Maloney will return to KFVS on July 14 and Dave Courvoisier relocated to Las Vegas, Nev., where he is a newscaster for a television station.

I just wanted to say how nice the hedges at Dairy Queen and The First National Bank are. Whoever is taking care of the hedges at these places is sure doing a terrific job and it sure makes it look more attractive. Congratulations! You have hit on something that is really making Sikeston look great!